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  1. Neighbours who needs them

    Sco If it is going to the scrap yard, I may have an offer for the rear view mirrors backs. Because I got mine scratched. Have that in mind Greetings.
  2. Kadjar Sighting Game

    So let it be Next time I`ll join for sure. Even though today was a good day for the sighting game. I saw 3 Kadjar`s here in the streets of Sofia for few hours, one Silver and two red Ones. The last one for sure was a Bose with a ski equipment on the roof. The other red one was Intense ( i suppose ) on the Bulgarian stardards. For the coleagues from UK this is the one before the top equipment model ( half leather seats, 19` Extreme alloys, led lights and such stuff, I haven`t made comparison to see exactly what equipment level it matches. And yes, both the Red one drivers greeted. Nice people
  3. Kadjar Sighting Game

    I am so sorry that I missed that one meeting. Did you arranged it here in the forum ?
  4. Okay so here is the result after the check in the Renault center. Thing was not very well tightened / assembled pipe for air intake. They have disassembled and assembled it again, changed some of the mounting components and now everything is fine again. Silent as it should be without any indications of vibrations or sounds which should not be there. Greetings, and thanks to the responses here
  5. I have booked appointment with Renault Service to see the problem just in case. Maybe this is a "standard" feature. We`ll see and when I have more information will inform you. Last night noticed that it makes the same sound when also on 2nd or 3rd gear with really low rpms. But tomorrow will know more from Renault Service. Let`s hope it is just some not very well mounted plastic or some stuff like this. Greetings.
  6. Greetings Guys, I have a question about all your Kadjars here. Today in the morning i heard a strange vibrating noise while on 1st gear and slowly pulling off my parking place.This happens in the range of 900 to 1000 rpms ( this is the 1.5 Diesel engine with manual gearbox ). Has anyone of you experienced something similar to the one described? It is not some vibrations to feel in the steering wheel or something like this. It is just a sound like some plastic is vibrating when the engine is at these rpms. Any ideas, suggestions or anyone feeling the same when trying to pull off with a little pressing of the gas pedal?