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  1. Coyote...worth having??

    anyone know how to remove it?
  2. Not sure if it's acceptable, but it is a computer and it will need a update when they come out , your steeler should have done it in my opinion, but they don't always.
  3. Have you updated the system yet? your dealer will probably not have done it before you picked it up. do that then see if it working properly, the only issue i have with mine is when getting into it from start and i have to have my Bluetooth on my phone turned off until i start the car, then all is fine. Also DAB signals can be a bit hit and miss between antennas so i have found out, they don't act like a normal radio and loose quality, they just turn off , it is digital so it is either on or off , it is a pain, not a great system i don't think Paul
  4. Try turning your Bluetooth off on your phone before opening the car, then turn it on once the car has started, i haven't ha d a problem since doing that Paul
  5. R-Link Build

    Hi All as per most people i am having a problem with R-Link not coming on for a while when the car starts , sometimes it is straight away (yay) sometimes it can take a few minuets I have a 17 plate ( brand new 3rd Jan 2018) with the latest ( i think) update Software build = Boot = 5276 My dealer says this is the latest build , and they can't get it yet ( i downloaded from the R-Link Toolbox) they are asking questions to Renault, but anyone else have any ideas on what could be wrong? Mort
  6. New to Reanult

    Excited Update Picked her up tonight. All good so far, apart from i can't find a 8 gig memory stick to update RLink2 off to get one Mort
  7. Hi All , i have taken the plunge and ordered a Flame Red Kadjar Dymanique S Nav 110, hopefully i get it on teh 8th Jan to say i'm excited is an understatement . Plenty of questions to follow once i have taken delivery Mort