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  1. My dyn nav has only one button on the boot for unlocking the car. button 4 in the handbook there is no button 3 to lock it . I have looked at 2 other dyn navs today and they have both buttons on the boot has everyone else got both buttons ?
  2. http://www.carsifu.my/news/new-renault-koleos-launched
  3. Kadjar Sighting Game

    China has a metallic orange paint option for the kadjar
  4. no message saved

    I was going by a renault latitude hire car i had last year and a fault code came up on it, my kadjar is a year old in March so no count down to service date yet but it should be traded in by March so may never see that
  5. no message saved

    I think there may be a oil service indicator in the messages
  6. no message saved

    It won't alert you when the car needs a service, it should just log a fault error
  7. no message saved

    As far as I am aware it will log a fault in the car system there ie injector fault, so if you get no message memorised everything is ok
  8. is this a rip off or what

    The quality is very impressive and they do seem to be trying to compete with premium sector
  9. Go faster button

    Sounds like a garage that hasn't a clue
  10. is this a rip off or what

    I ordered a gt line with a few extras if i were to take finance 1 quote was 3k deposit and 360 pm
  11. Mud Flaps

    Both look better than the ones i have i didn't bother putting any different ones on as it is my wife's car and being traded in for a new car in March
  12. Mud Flaps

    The front ones work well yes, mudflaps came free on the car if i had to have paid for them i would have been looking for a refund due to the rear ones though as they were useless and looked silly
  13. Mud Flaps

    Front are fine back now off ment to be oe
  14. I have the renault ones that light up im pretty sure they are just stick on, they came free also
  15. R link car sound effects

    They change the sat nav icon to the chosen car
  16. Anti- Slip Facility

    Uk cars don't get extended grip the control wheel goes where the coin slots are on the centre console or the small cubby is on the latest models
  17. R link car sound effects

    The clio a few years ago had a app where where you could play different car engine sounds the car speakers that changed with the engine speed but the kadjar does not have this
  18. Rim protectors

    pentris It looks like the wheel weights are the hammer on type that is pushing the protectors out not the stick on type
  19. Both front fog lights do come on when the headlights are on and you put the car into gear it is normal
  20. Has anyone else had the sat nav settings reset to default and turn off speed cameras, warnings and the icon that moves along the road on the map this is the 2nd time in 6mts at first I thought it was my 7 year old son but playing with it but it happened again today and only my wife was in the car
  21. Sat nav resetting preferences

    I didn't do a factory reset i just went into the settings and turned back on whatever had turned off it has been ok for a few months now
  22. Hid to my kadjar

    No problem thanks
  23. Hid to my kadjar

    Have you a link to the seller