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  1. Reasons to get a new Kadjar

    It's my wife's car. We needed a decent sized vehicle to transport stuff from builder's merchants and DIY centres, visitors to and from the airport, and stuff to the dump/recycling centre as we do our French house up. My wife had rented a Qashqai and liked it, but a combination of things pushed us along the Kadjar route. We're pleased that we did. We like the 1.6 L petrol engine, like the bigger boot with the remote drop down facility, and am grateful for a folding front seat for longer loads. Also there's loads of Renault dealers around.
  2. New Member

    Hi there. Hope you're enjoying your new car. We've had ours only a couple of months and I did see a few YouTube videos about the car set in South Africa. Happy motoring.
  3. 1 more Kadjar on the road in Brittany

    Bonsoir from the Dordogne. Glad you're enjoying your new car. Three weeks after getting ours we unwittingly entered the underground car park from hell in a town in Charente. Tight wasn't the word, mainly on the ramps. Anyhow, that was the first and only time I used the self park. It's great.
  4. Renault Kadjar boot space

    I used to transport Labradors around. I'd say that the Kadjar is a bit tight for two good sized dogs. I personally avoided SUVs and had a variety of estate cars. They aren't as high up and it's easier for dogs to get in and out, especially when they get older. My last estate was the last generation Mondeo which was a great load carrier. The current one is down on boot capacity.
  5. Newbie in France

    Hello there. Hope you enjoy your new Kadjar. We are. I seem to recall chatting to someone who lives in the North of England recently and talking about different routes to take from here in SW France. He was saying how many people see the Eurotunnel near Folkstone as the obvious route, but that is strongly debatable. We were agreeing that a better route would be to avoid the M25 and head down to Portsmouth. Maybe take the overnight ferry, so no need for a hotel for that night, and then an early start in say Caen. Once out of the Caen area, roads are pretty quiet especially out of the usual holiday periods. Not familiar with heading as far down as the Millau bridge, though I'd love to get down there some time. Taking this route avoids much of Northern France, which is busier, and certainly avoiding Rouen, which is a right PITA. One tip- if using the Autoroutes, which for a long journey is sensible, get a Sanef Toll card for the car. It enables you to drive through the tolls without stopping. Also doesn't matter if there's only one of you in a right hand drive car as you don't have to access the toll booth which is on the 'wrong side'. Although the toll fees add up you can drive at a steady speed and done sensibly get better mileage. The roads are generally very relaxing, and the sections operated by Vinci have good rest areas. Sorry if I'm teaching my granny to suck eggs, but those are some of my observations/experiences.
  6. New Kadjar owner!

    I'm pleased that you're pleased! We've had our black Kadjar ten days are are very pleased with it. Not quite so clean now!
  7. 1.6 or 1.2 Tce Signature S Cosmos Blue

    We consciously went for petrol as opposed to diesel. The tide is turning as more is realised about the implications of the fuel. I'm not expecting people to give them up in their droves, and there's some pretty old diesels out here in France. But it ain't just about the people in the car. Even drivers are pedestrians. I've been driving round our hilly area a bit more and do have to change down more given the relative lack of torque, but I am very impressed with the quietness and smoothness of the 1.6 petrol.
  8. 1.6 or 1.2 Tce Signature S Cosmos Blue

    Hi there. We have had a 1.6 petrol engined 'Black Edition' for seven days, so are well placed to give advice! Actually, I have had only one decent trip in it- yesterday taking daughter to Bordeaux airport. We haven't driven the 1.2 and purposely went for the 1.6 given that we use the Autoroutes a fair amount. I didn't push the car but it seems perfectly adequate and we cruised at just over 80mph (the legal limit). Longer, steeper hills required me changing down to fifth gear at times, so I guess the 1.2 would struggle a bit more. My take is that in any given situation the 1.6 has more reserve than the 1.2 and so fuel consumption shouldn't be that different. Your money, your choice but I feel that we have gone for the right one. Very pleased with it, and glad we went for it after toying with the idea of a Fiat 500X.
  9. Hi, new member here <waves>

    Glad you're enjoying your car- quite a change from what you had before! We're also getting used to a Kadjar.
  10. Newbie in France

    They were nice cars. My French pen pal's dad had one and I remember being driven around central Paris many moons ago. It's amazing to see how cars have ballooned in size over the decades.
  11. Greetings.

    Thanks for that. Yes- it will be interesting to see how the dealer treats us, especially as we bought it elsewhere. At least there are quite a few Renault dealers within an hour's drive of here.
  12. Members Kadjar Showcase

    Hi PatWar. Good question about what you get as extra. I'm not totally up on the spec of the Sig Nav, but our Black Edition has full leather and self parking and the full Bose set up. I guess things like Pano roof, rear camera etc are standard on the Sig. We didn't set out to get a BlackEdition- I didn't even know it existed. What my wife did want was the 1.6 petrol. We went through a particular French website and the only vehicles with that engine were in this spec, either in black or in white. What was incredible was the price. Fully registered, and it's brand new, the on the road price was the equivalent of £21,355. I thought that was extremely good. The company couldn't have been more helpful, and they are very busy at the moment. It just meant a three hour drive down and across to Toulouse to get it.
  13. Tekna or Signature?

    We initially were going to get a Nissan Qashqai after having been provided with one at the airport car hire here in France. The more we looked into it the more sense it made to have a Kadjar- Renault dealers all over the place for starters. I also think that the Kadjar is nicer looking and more stylish and practical inside. The absolute clincher was finding an online site offering great deals on the Kadjar and we picked ours up a couple of days ago. It's a Black Edition, which I believe is essentially a Signature with some extras.
  14. Greetings.

    Hello. Another Brit living in France here. Only two days into ownership of a Black Edition Kadjar, 1.6 petrol. I'm very pleased with the smoothness of the engine, in fact I'm very pleased with the car as a whole. It's the first time we've owned a Renault so it will be interesting to see how things go.
  15. Newbie in France

    Bonsoir. We are down in the South West of France and bought a Kadjar a couple of days ago- picked it up from Toulouse. I'm glad you're pleased with yours. By the way, I saw a Renault 16 on the drive down- it's a time warp for older cars over here!