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  1. R Link does not detect USB

    thank you, it might be, there is something wrong with the car r link, as I have not seen any .wls file on USB.....
  2. R Link does not detect USB

    Anybody can please confirm to me, that what I see on USB (directory called LOST.DIR) is correct, and it is what I am supposed to see after taking out USB from the car and pluging it into the PC...thank you very much.
  3. R Link does not detect USB

    I did that few times Stevie. Is there a way, how to find out, if there has been data saved from the car on USB? If I remember right (not at home now), when I plugged USB into PC, I have seen only 1 directory called LOST.DIR or something on USB. Is this correct? As I usually left the USB plugged for 4-5 minutes in the car...
  4. Hi All, I have seen few similar discussions, but have not found any solution. As most of the discussions have been from 2015/2016, maybe there is somebody able to help me now. I have bought new megane GT, and installed r link on my pc. Inserted USB into the car, and then back to PC. Everything worked perfectly, usb found, application downloaded, and installed in the car, I have even updated maps (6GB). But suddenly, few days back, r link on my pc does not recognize USB. I have tried to format it or even use different USB, but still not appearing in r link tool box. Anybody can help and advice what to try? Thank you