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  1. I have the auto and have no such noise so best to get it checked
  2. true petrol comsumption

    That was in Brecon a couple of months ago but the consumption is pretty much the same now
  3. This happened on mine after being into the dealership for a software issue but at least I have mph now and not kph
  4. true petrol comsumption

    Yes it's a diesel and auto
  5. true petrol comsumption

    Seem to be holding this as an average lately
  6. The car is being collected now

    to the right of the steering wheel, look down and there is a little wheel with numbers on. That is what adjusts the height for load of the car, they move slowly up and down as you adjust
  7. true petrol comsumption

    I do long boring drives by myself with very little traffic so it keeps me amused, and adds to the enjoyment of my car
  8. true petrol comsumption

    I just find it fun to try and beat the best avg mpg. This car is seriously cheaper to run than my old truck but I love to feel I'm getting the best I possibly can so I study the car and how to get the best out of her on different roads and it seems to be working
  9. true petrol comsumption

    I have filled up 3 times at about £43 worth of fuel and have just went over 2000 miles and still have half a tank. I haven't done the physical math just what the console tells me
  10. true petrol comsumption

    I've got the exact same size engine but auto and I've found there is a way you have to drive to get the better fuel consumption, but I'm on a mission to get it better even over the mountains
  11. true petrol comsumption

    probably right as it can go up on the display as well I noticed so actual miles will be more
  12. true petrol comsumption

    I am a sedate driver and the fuel economy and eco score has become a bit of a game for me.....It's the little things that keep me happy
  13. true petrol comsumption

    Ok so a month in now and driving over the mountains daily and I'm still around 62mpg so I'm a very happy bunny
  14. I strangely had this error on mine a couple of weeks ago one morning when I was having a huge 'blonde' day and it turned out to be I hadn't shut my door properly so the onboard computer was having a fit on me. As I worked out the problem was the soft squishy organic interface I went back in the house had another coffee and started again
  15. Automatic gearbox

    When the car is in reverse it tells you on the console to cover your brakes because it does speed up a little in reverse. TBH the console telling you this should give you an indication that it will go faster than a creep if allowed, it saves you having to use the accelerator pedal when reversing around a corner etc. Never leave an automatic in gear if you are getting out of it. I personally took mine to an empty car park just after I bought it and tried out these things as it is a good few years since I have driven an automatic and technology has moved on at a great rate since then