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  1. Ever since I purchased 16 plate Kadjar with R Link 2 in June Heart radio DAB doesn't work - signal drops every 5 mins, Simulcast does not work to switch from DAB over to FM when signal is lost, so i have radio silence for about 1 min until it picks up the signal again. This happens all the time - when I was sat stationary on a driveway for 40 mins testing it and also whilst driving around. In the presets list there is both a Heart London and a Heart Kent - we wonder whether the R Link is somehow confused between the two options. I am in Orpington, Kent area. Renault's response from the Orpington dealership is they have tested on Mazda's and other Renaults in the same area and they also have issues with picking up Heart radio. They will do nothing further to assist me. My friend in same postcode with 16 plate Captur has no issues with Heart radio station - is it a different version of the R Link to the one in the Kadjar? Very frustrating to have spent a good chunk of money on a car i am unable to listen to my favourite radio station on. Any other Kadjar owners have similar experiences?