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  1. Thanks. One question though. When you tried yours on the garage floor was it without 12 volt supply? Only mechanical with the pull cable? After further research I am sure now that the pull cable functions all the way to the turningpoint of the towball. But it still won't unluck. I there is no electrics needed to unlock I maybe need to send it back to the supplier for repair or replacement.
  2. Done all that. But unfortunately didn't help. Sent an e-mail to Bosal in Germany yesterday with a request for help. I did not receive a reply yet....
  3. Hi, I still haven't found a solution for my problem. I have been looking a bit further and am wondering what the function is of the small red block underneath a blue rubber cap. It is located on the housing the pull cable goes in to. Does someone know??
  4. Hi Roxy 1234, I tried unlocking before mounting the towbar. It did not work then. At that point I thougt the wiring harness should also be fitted and powered (12V with the red cable) because there is also electronics on the towbar. As I mentioned all car electronics are working fine and there is 12 volts on the red cable. I needed to put the 20amp fuse in the fusebox first on the "dealer opt" position. So far so good. But the towbar still did not unlock. I checked the cable route, that also seems to be fine (not twisted). The cable moves freely for about 1 - 1­,5 inches. I used a little force at the and but nothing happens, other than getting really frustrated that I can't find the reason for the problem. The part you mentioned about the pull switch housing and the outer locating clip isn't clear to me. Some pics of the instructions would really help me understand. Thanks for your help and advice.
  5. It is still in the stowed position behind the bumber. When I pull the metal cable (to its end position) nothing happens. I don't know if it's also an electrical unlocking or just mechenical by the metal cable. I'm a little scared the cable will break when pulling harder. I also thought about a secure locking that needs to be removed first, but in the installation manual there is nothing about that. I was hoping someone in this forum has some experience with fitting the retractable towbar, and maybe knows if there is a secure locking. Apreciate your help!
  6. Hi, I fitted a genuine Renault rectractable towbar today on my Kadjar with a 13p wiring harness (also Renault genuine). All according the fitting instructions that came along with the towbar and wiring harness. The problem I encountered is that the towbar does not unrectract when pulling the metal cable. All electronics seem to be working fine. Has someone had the same problem? Can someone advise whats wrong? Thanks for your help. Regards, Marco