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  1. Can I do this myself or do you have to go through dealership? I can't seem to find an option in RLink software.
  2. Is this possible? When I hook my phone up by USB, it's recognised under Media, but not recognised when I click on Video.
  3. How to start cruise control?

    Ok, it seems it is a bad thing to do. Duly noted.
  4. How to start cruise control?

    My foot is only resting on the clutch, but I guess that makes the smallest press for the cruise control not to work. Am I the only one to rest their foot on the clutch? Have I been doing it wrong all these years?!
  5. How to start cruise control?

    YESSSSSS! That's worked! It must be my driving style, but I have my left foot resting on the clutch. When I completely move my foot to the left, I can control the cruise control. Many thanks JC and for all who replied too
  6. How to start cruise control?

    Yep, I think so. Thanks.
  7. How to start cruise control?

    As far as I'm aware, the automatic handbrake is working properly. No issues with it.
  8. How to start cruise control?

    It doesn't respond to me pushing the switch upwards. But it definitely responds whilst in speed limiter mode.
  9. How to start cruise control?

    Yep, tried flicking the switch twice and nothing happens. The display still remains at 'cruise control'. Speed limiter works. I can set the max speed using the switch to plus and minus. Any other suggestions? I've followed the Renault as well as this one here:
  10. Apologies for the newbie question, but I'm struggling to get the cruise control to work. I've pressed the switch by the gear stick to activate it and the message 'cruise control' appears in green on the display. Say for example, I'm traveling at 60. I'll flick the little switch up on the left. As I understand it, that's what you need to do. So I lift off the gas, but then the speed starts to drop. So obviously cruise control isn't working. Can anyone tell what I'm doing wrong? Thanks.