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  1. X2 loud beeps on locking??

    Where does it say the indicators will flash twice and ‘there will be two beeps’ on locking the doors?
  2. X2 loud beeps on locking??

    Yes I have walk away locking, if you read the first point under ‘Full Activation’ it refers to the indicators flashing twice but no mention of two beeps.
  3. X2 loud beeps on locking??

    Thanks Barracuda 1 for the file, I already had it in with my handbook. I refer you to the last two lines of the last paragraph which is why I took the car to the dealership where the fault was cured.
  4. X2 loud beeps on locking??

    All I’m going to say is the chief technician at RMB Darlington recognised the fault immediately, changed the alarm modem and I now have no noise when I lock the car.
  5. X2 loud beeps on locking??

    Definitely shouldn’t be two loud beeps, once they changed the modem the fault was cured. As far as I am aware when you lock the car only the indicators flash and any audible alarm is either a fault or the internal sensors have been isolated.
  6. X2 loud beeps on locking??

    Mine gave two loud beeps every time I locked it, took it to garage and they changed the alarm modem. It appears to be a fairly common fault.
  7. X2 loud beeps on locking??

    Had the same problem with mine RMB Darlington changed the alarm module, problem sorted.