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  1. kadjar Petrol MPG

    Our Kadjar, 1.5 diesel automatic, is currently returning about 46 mpg ( which is the lowest we've had). It's a lot more fuel efficient than our previous Ford Mondeo 1.8 diesel manual, but that was a much larger car and the Ford Engine had a reputation for being inefficient fuel wise. On our first long journey in France we were averaging around 52mpg, a big saving on our fuel costs compared to the Ford.
  2. Hi everyone We bought our Kadjar a few months ago here in France, where we live (near to Le Mans of the 24hr car race fame). Our Kadjar is a 1.5 diesel model, automatic with all the gizmos on it, rear camera, blind spot monitoring, etc etc. It's in the nice metallic red colour which has caused a stir amongst our French friends who call it 'flashy' ! Its our 4th Renault overall, we've previously had a Laguna, Saffrane and a Renault 16 with column change ! Initial impressions are it is very good, comfortable and relaxing to drive, especially on the long journeys on the motorways here.