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  1. How did you uninstall it?
  2. R Link 2 set up

    Thanks for your advice...but I've done all that and I get a message saying my VIN and HUID number (minus the CAP bit) don't match !!!! I've emailed the dealership to ask for help but Lord knows if or when they'll get back to me. It is very frustrating not least because I've put an address in the sat nav and it says there is no coverage available for this area! I put it in my trusty Garmin and up it popped right away! The car is great, R-Link is not!
  3. R-Link Download Manager mystery

    I have just followed these instructions but I get a message sayin the VIN and the HUID number don't match???
  4. midnight

    Can anyone advise me as to where I can find my R-Link serial number please? I was told by someone that it is my HUID number, but the registration page won't acept it. Many thanks in advance
  5. Midnightvelvet new member

    Hi everyone, I hope/plan to take delivery of a new Kadjar Signature S Nav on March 1st and am very excited However, it is slowly coming home to me that there should be a specific driving test for new Kadjar owners, given all it's whistles and bells!! Anyway, March will come soon enough I guess so I'll keep watching the forums and see if I can educate myself in the meantime