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  1. The Auto? I have is not an auto but a semi automatic which in effect is a manual gearbox with an automatic clutch. ( an entirely different beast which I was not aware of when I bought the car ). Fully auto gearboxes do not have this problem. If I am facing downhill and select reverse on pressing the accelerator the auto brake immediately releases before the clutch engages. ( in effect putting it in neutral) at which point the car rolls downhill until enough revs are applied at which point the clutch engages and the car lurches backwards. If I then take my foot off the accelerator the car rolls forward again. The same appies when using the footbrake ( hill hold). My argument with Renault UK is that the car was advertised as an auto gearbox and because I live in a particularly hilly area it is not fit for purpose.
  2. The dealership has recognised there is a fault. Renault are denying any problem. I am arguing that I bought the car as an auto not as a semi automatic which it is. A manual gearbox with an automatic clutch.
  3. I have the same problem. Just been talking to RUK and they don't recognise it as a fault and basically said, tough. Very disappointed with the car after spending over 20 thousand pounds on it 6 months ago
  4. Hi . I have just posted the same problem. It is quite alarming when reversing uphill. The car rolls forward maybe 2 or 3 feet before the clutch engages and the car reverses. It appears that the auto brake seems to be releasing too early before the clutch has engaged. I have got round the problem to a certain extent by holding the auto brake on until the clutch engages , but this is far from satisfactory.