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  1. AIR CON

    It is the heater box waiting for one to be delivered to dealer
  2. AIR CON

    Mine goes in on 18th fingers crossed loaderralph
  3. AIR CON

    Hi I also had car in dealer for 3 weeks over Xmas because of rear footwell full of water turned out water was getting in through front bulkhead,!!! If this keeps up the dealer will have car more than me. Could be possible they damaged something stripping it out or putting it back together which was not factory perfect.
  4. AIR CON

    Hi Thanks for replies, been out on 60 mile trip today this time turned off ECO mode, as weather was pretty good no demisting, still no air flow from centre vents still creaking when change positions will call into dealer Tuesday. Got to say my last four cars were fords never had any problems, might be regretting the change.
  5. Hi, My first post, Kadjar Dynamique Nav dci 2016, came home in terrible weather today screen misted up, centre air vents not working, creaking and moaning sound from rear of console when air flow direction changed, anyone had same problem.
  6. Condensation

    Hi, Just joined today as I have been having big probs with condensation on front screen, I bought my Kadjar in September 17 it is a 16 reg Dynamique Nav. Today I decided to lift mats had my own swimming pool in rear near side foot well, got in booked in for Thursday hope they sort it. Funny thing is carpet that is vertical ie up sides is dry.