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  1. Android 8 work with Rlink2

    Yes, it works. I have an Oneplus 5 with Android 8.1 and it works as before Android 8.
  2. În my Kadjar the front is on only when the engine is running. The back one stays on as long as the electrical system (lights, navigation ) is on. Since I unlock the car until it switches off (couple of minutes after locking) I have power in the back one. There is a click sound that you can hear if you stay in the car and lock the car, and that sound is the switch that cuts the electrical input to the unnecessary consumers in the car, including rear socket.
  3. daytime lights fault

    Theoretically, with a simple software update this could be added to any car. The car daytime and rear LED lights light up when you unlock the car so it can be changed to stay on as long as the engine is running.
  4. In my car, start button, steering wheel buttons, climate buttons, cruise control light up when lights are on.
  5. Mine is from October 2017 and I can't release the hand brake without pressing the brake pedal. Tried pressing it multiple times or keeping it pressed. The daytime light stay on while blinkers are operating in my car.
  6. Steering wheel noise

    As far as I know the steering assistance is electric.