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  1. Speedometer style resetting after few days

    The part has finally arrived. Going in next Monday as the guy is away who will be fitting it! After the hoo-haa I've had with this part, I'm still doubtful it will fix the initial problem of the styles being reset.
  2. Speedometer style resetting after few days

    @Barbara I’m still waiting on the part for my car. They should have just ordered a whole new car over from wherever they come from, my car arrived quicker than this part did. Was supposed to have the part Monday gone. Didn’t arrive. Haven’t been given update since.
  3. Speedometer style resetting after few days

    Still not got my car back from Renault. They have had it for over a month now, no sign of replacement part. Customer service aren’t being helpful, just keep saying my part on priority list. Another week and they would have had my car longer than I have had. i’m so frustrated, I don’t know what to do other than keep phoning and getting told the same thing.
  4. Speedometer style resetting after few days

    Renault still has my car. Been 2 weeks and they are still trying to get hold of a replacement part! Must be costing them a fortune, as they have provided me with a Ford kuga as a courtesy car through hire company Enterprise. @Barbara hope you get a faster turn around time than i’m getting. When you spend the amount of money these cars cost, you expect them to last a bit longer than a month. Or week in your case. All these faults I’ve been reading on here all seem to relate to computer issues. Worries me that these car companies are all striving to create fully automated cars.
  5. Speedometer style resetting after few days

    I phoned Renault UK HeadOffice, and they got my car booked in to look at. The dealership said they found a fault in the radio, which is all connected. They are having a problem getting a replacement part. I'm on some sort of priority list now. Not too much of an issue as they have provided me with a courtesy car. When I get the car back, hopefully it would have fixed my profile changing issue. I will post when I get my car back and tested.

    You don’t have eco turned on? I’ve noticed reversing up my drive I get that quick acceleration all of a sudden. Doesn’t seem that bad when eco turned off. Car more responsive from the moment I touch the acceleration pedal with eco turned off.
  7. Speedometer style resetting after few days

    @Atholl just got in my car just now and I’ve got the message “battery low start engine” and my profile reset. I’ve only had the car over a month, and less than 300 miles on the clock! I did wonder if profile was related to battery the second time it reset, as I only use the car at weekends on short journeys. Wondered if you had a battery checker, and see if your battery is low. (But not low enough to register the message yet). I have since this morning charged battery up using a battery charger, i’ll continue monitoring. Surely a battery so new shouldn’t be flat? Faulty? Some other post on here someone stated they had a new car and battery was faulty as it couldn’t keep charge above 60%.
  8. Speedometer style resetting after few days

    I received the following email statement from a sales guy at Enfield Renault dealership. Like I said, I’m still waiting another email with the details of this update.
  9. Speedometer style resetting after few days

    The Renault garage I brought the car from, told me that the senior technician has seen this before, and should be fixed in a software update. However I havent been told when this update will be, or if the fix will be in the next update.
  10. Rear view mirror

    Thank you. I’m not ocd, but it is really annoying that there isn’t a light on both sides making the mirror look balanced. Again thank you.
  11. Rear view mirror

    Recently brought a kadjar signature, petrol auto. Still working out how everything works. Although think there are a few niggly bits I’m trying to sort out. Could someone take a picture of their rear view mirror, when car running, and show me the light(s) either side of the power button. I only have a light on the left of the power button. The dealership trying to convince me there is only one light, and the one that looks like a light on the right is actually the sensor. I really don’t think it is a sensor, and feel that they are just fobbing me off. Perhaps to get out of fixing something under guarantee for free. I don’t know anyone else with a Kadjar to check, so perhaps someone on here wouldn’t mind uploading a photo for me. I’ve included a picture with this post showing mine. Thank you in advance.
  12. Speedometer style resetting after few days

    @J C There is a second profile in the system, although no one has touched the car to switch profile. I will delete as you suggested, and see. Thank you.
  13. Speedometer style resetting after few days

    @turboted10 what does that mean? I have problem with the software? What is the solution to fix?
  14. Only had my Kadjar for about a month. I don’t drive the car during the week, just at the weekend. When first got the car, the speedometer was style 3. I selected style 4 for the speedometer. Last weekend it was back on style 3. Thought it might have been something I did, as I had been playing about with the settings. So I reset the style to 4. Sunday the style was still 4. Got back in the car this morning (Saturday one week on), and the speedometer was back as style 3 again. Has anyone else experience a bit of a reset of user preference after not using the car for a bit? I have spoken to Renault garage where I brought the car this morning about this. The sales person wasn’t sure and said would find out why this could be happening and get back to me. If I find out anything more, i’ll post an answer.