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  1. What Content is Available from Store?

    You need to go to R-Link Store on a pc to register yourself & your car. Download the R-Link file & then R-Link 2 Toolbox. Once you've registered an account you will be able to run the RL software see the content available for your car. Did mine this morning-the worst part was finding the RLink serial number & you do need that in order to register your account. You will need to connect a USB drive into usb point in your car with engine running. Do not try to use RLink whilst you are doing this. Leave it for a couple of minutes whilst it gathers info on your car. Remove it & plug into pc containing downloaded software-you will see a section giving the huid no-ignore the first three letters & put the remainder into the registration form for RLink store. This will allow your registration to go ahead. Then wait for an email to activate it. All plain sailing after that.
  2. Speed warnings on r link (Brian)

    Mine is June 16 model but I've only had it for a few weeks. Live in a very rural area of Scotland so I've been playing with all the automatic features like speed limit recognition & auto main beam/dip. Surprisingly both work well. But R-Link-I could lose the will to live-the maps are terrible & just go blank so no use at all. Wish I'd kept my old Tom Tom now Have you tried changing your display layout in Settings.IIRC there is one option which doesn't offer speed limits