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  1. Kadjar maps Renault technical services

    I got information that a solution for BT problems (fixes, FW) will be scheduled for 29.12.2017. This is official statement from dealer/authorised service workshop.
  2. If you use Renault module with Renault part number fitted by Renault garage there is no excuse to break warranty. If Renault-Nissan Romania said so then you shoud remind them to warranty obligations with nice letter from lawyer. If your dealership said so, well I beleive that regional Office will have different oppinion when they received nice polite letter. Otherwise there is no sense to buy original add-on parts and fitted them by authorised garage.
  3. Speed warnings on r link (Brian)

    Hi for sign recognition camera on windscreen is mandatory. Unfortunately Kadjar's SAT-NAV can not distribute traffic speed limitations from basemaps or POIs like Megane IV can.

    A je tvoj?
  5. Someone had this problem?

    Hi mine do same... I had it twice on warranty claim. On Renault authorised garage finaly said that this is noise from ventilation system. I just want to say something strong, well that day was my replacment car Megane 4 and guess what; same noise there too.
  6. Sad. Car now looks like rice powah... I have 2 19"sets; winter and summer and there is no money to switch to 17"... When I Will have wish for offroad then I will use 16" steel wheels with off-road tyres on it. Otherwise 19" all the way... I have an oppurtunity to test Kadyar with both tyres fixed (17" and19") and expirience was far better with 19". Also handling of car, stability, entry speed in curve... Even comodity was not significant better with 17" to weight on it side. But this is mine subjective viewing and feeling.
  7. Time to say good bye to my Kadjar

    Interesting... it see,s that here is not such a dealbreaker walkaway locking or android auto... the entry model is still 19.900€ (life 130 TCe) and the highest Bose/Iconic 4 WD ( just over 30k). Safety pack (Techno premuim package) is for those two trims only 1€. 165 TCe is same as dCi 130 in Iconic, also available is 130 dCi with CVT (almost same price as 4WD). I never had walkaway locking or auto fold mirrors so this is not an issue for me. Lack of map updates is...
  8. Time to say good bye to my Kadjar

    How much for mirror folding kit?
  9. Time to say good bye to my Kadjar

    @Buder... what is your milage? I lost 10k€ in 2 years (paid 29k for Bose 4WD with all options except leather seats, retractable towbar, sunblocks on all rear windows, rubber&textile mats, front mud flaps). Acording to our portal (simmilar to yours) mine is worth arround 19-20k with 43k km on clock. Still under general warranty and with extended 5-years warranty/My revision maintanence plan.
  10. No no no and no! This is advanced code, R-Link2 contains only first line.

    Visit authorised garage since car is still under 48m general warranty.
  12. R link firmware

    Like I do care is better... So you give up already? Anyway maps will have updates in future I couldn't care less either for new features. I assume Benz or Volvo will have better system in near future.
  13. R link firmware

    Well, not only Kadjars in question... A bunch of Meganes, Scenics, Espaces also. R-Link2 is same, no matter of display. As I can see from print-screen; functions are there, just not enabled (either from commercial reasons or lack of hardware). But excuse that CarPlay/Android auto is not possible because USB is not capable of charging device is BS. Connect iPhone as iPod device and report weather charged or not...
  14. R link firmware

    Few days are over 😇. Informations, informations we want! Who will have information will win the war!
  15. R link firmware

    So reliable source. Goodie, cant' wait.