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  1. Proposed starting a new forum

    Wishes are one and reality is other... Obviously there is no other way... I prefer 3rd option... I mean, guys, when domain will expire in 2019, we will have nothing. Even access to archive. Website will be unaccessible. So the best way is to establish new site ASAP, and repost all interesting post to new forum as we once already did. It is clear we did not learn anything.
  2. Power increase 1.6 4x4

    With torque increase problems with gearbox might occurs... First find out what is the max torque gearbox and 4x4 can stand...
  3. Upgrade R-Link 2

    Officially only by changing device and 2G module.
  4. RLink

    After reformating USB key you have to plug it again into opertional-turn on device (rlink) and after 2-3 minutes Rlink will leave imprint on key... after that plug it into computer and proceed with map download...
  5. Only time I've got electronic fault was on my GrandScenic when brakelight switch went off on brake pedal...
  6. It is jus an electronic device... bugy Android, on top...
  7. 1.2 TCE EDC

    I assume you spent only one tank of fuel... right averaging will be shown after a few thousand miles... I have more than 50k km on the clock, BC resets 5 times (after 10k) and short after reseting average economic is about 15l/100km and dropping... after a few thousands km is stedy at 6.2
  8. Mine was also fitted ad delivery at the dealer's garage... for 750EUR (complete tow, wireing and labour). But connection module was already replaced twice. First time due to tehnical note in 2016 and second time this year due to electronic fault.
  9. You shouldn’t pull hard... did you fitted yourself or by authorised garage? When is in unlock position also beeping...
  10. When you pull metal cable in trunk you just unlock towbar. Now yuo must kick it into position under bumper. I have same installation as you and works perfect.
  11. Nope... even 1.6 dCi or 1.2 tCe in 2WD has ECO badge...
  12. Smartphone mirroring in pre-May vehicles

    Yes. So when phone operate and doesent't discharge then second condition is meet. When phone is charging and operate at same time then first condition is meet. Meaning that there is enough power on USB port. I know what this two things means when used just a 500mA lighter-to USB charger and use it on iPhone for navigation. Phone despite of connected to power source rapidly discharged.
  13. Smartphone mirroring in pre-May vehicles

    To be honest, a lot of laptop manufacturers also has same problem. Not to mention phone manufactures... say, which android phone works on full USB3 speed when connected to PC? We know that iPhone does not... I beleive that magic word is 'not need' and 'compatibility'. To charge newer phone or tablet you need at least 1A on USB output. With 500mA good luck... and for charging you do not need USB3. Powered USB2 is enough.
  14. joel

    Again... Renault cars which are very close related to their Japanese cousins has also Japanese logic... only automated driver window, no walk-away lock (this was added because of European customers demand), no auto-close or auto open all windows remote/on-lock, no switch illumination... with one word crap or 100 years behind current state. Do you think that Koleos, car for 40k EUR has all this? Well, not.
  15. R-link 2

    My iPhone 6S connects automaticaly as use to before. But still disconect/connect during opearation as did it before upgrade to 2.2.19