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  1. LED headlights

    Sorry, but allseason tyre has all bad properties of winter and summer tyres joined into single product... it is basicaly intended for unsolicited users who averagly did less then 6000 miles in whole year equaly... it has just average grip on dry, wet, snow and ice and has quite big wear. And after 4 years becomes kind of plastic with poor performance even on dry asphalt. Winter tyre is not just for snow, it has better performance in lower temperatures because of different material mixure... in the other hand, summer tyres has better resistance on higher temperatures. Milestone is 15 Celsius... so you will probably ruin winter tyre in summer on motorway at high speed... and all season is compromise... poor performance in summer and in real cold winter. my oppinion.
  2. Smartphone mirroring in pre-May vehicles

    Date of manufacture is hidden in VIN and in production number. If the car is from stock you can find a lot of usable informations from entering VIN.
  3. Another Turbo Gone

    I do not know where is the problem... if turbo is blown and car has warranty (means it has all inspections done either by authorised garage or independet garage which meets requirements) then there is no objectivs that warranty was approved. If you do not know; a lot of Meganes, Scenics and Talismans (latest generation) with 1.5 dCi and 1.6 dCi just stops in freeze cold on the road because of watter in the intercooler. Problem was humidity in air, cold air and water condensation in intercooler. It blows a fuse. In my country all new cars has 2-years general warranty with Renault on the road assistance. All affected cars were towed to authorised garage... no problem with Renault atitude or treating customers... but it is look like that problime is in design so there will be a tech note and recall to fix this problem... even tough that all injectors and intercooler is cleaned, fuse changed it can happen again... there will be modification on grill mask (air deflector).
  4. New car??

    And once again; did you made a custom order into factory or just came to resseler and ask like... I want a Kadjar with that engine, this trim and that colour... Do you have any? And salesmna check into his stock and said, yes, I have one just you looking for and it is available right now? We just have tp prepare it for you, tomorrow you can pay it and drive it home? I do newer buy a car from stock just because of that situation...
  5. LED headlights

    Regulations are clear and manufacter economity also. If headlight lamp produce equal or less then 2000 lumens then automatic adjustment and washing is not mandatory. Most HIDs (xenons) produce more illuminity and LEDs less or equal. As far as I know only Scandinavian countries has regulation that headlight wassing is mandatory on all types of headlights. and long time ago cars had wipers for headlights. They are simpy not practical. They were substituted with high pressure nozzles.
  6. Another Turbo Gone

    That much? This is simpy not standable... 1.5 promile? Is this even sttaistic error?
  7. Reasons not to buy a Kadjar

    One more tought... I really love my Kadjar, despite that it is one of the earlier models with no light in glove box, no walk-away locking, folding mirrors... It even does not have ambient light nor illuminated door switches... But... switches are shining in all it brightnes, never have walk-away lock nor folding mirrors so this is not an issue to me. Light in glove box? Well, Daren proove it is not complicated to have it... Powered tailgate? No problem. But this are not essential deal breakers for me. I mean engine is nice, transmition is prooven in Nissan, seats are comfort... Joy in riding it... But probably not buy it again since never buy very same model of the car twice... Time to buy a new car ill come in next 6 years, so there will be quite different models at that time...

    All new Scenics (Scenic&Grand Scenis) has 20˝ wheels in dimension 195/55X20. There is no other dimensions available from factory and honestly I do not beleive that Renault will allow to homologate less then 20˝...

    I have 2 19inch tyre sets... winter and summer. I use sets equaly (from Nov. 15th to Mar. 15th winter set and summer set in between that period). Started with winter set on first season from Jan. 4th. Now I have Kadjar from Jan. 4th 2016. Summer set will be just barely good for this season, winter set is still in good shape. I have now just about 50.000 km on clock. Winter set is Conti T830 and summer set is Conti SportContact 5 (original tyres). So very very far away from 40.000 km... I will be happy if summer set will last 30.000 km/ 3 seasons...
  10. Service

    In your handbook (or in My Renault portal) it is written if you did more then 9000 miles in one year you can join A and B service inspection into one (that means that oil and oil filter can be changed every year). I have My Revision service plan for 5 years and according to service plan I have 5 A inspections and 3 B. But since I drove 24k km in first year and 20k in second year authorized garage (dealer) both times did both inspections at same time (A+B, change oil and oil filter)
  11. Reasons not to buy a Kadjar

    Just a stupid question... do you buy yourself a car just to make a great deall when sell it once or you buy a car because you like it, enjoy it... if first, then whole thing is fail I mean if you not buy a car then you will not loose money on it and you don't have to bother with making 'great deal'... When I buy a car (new or used) my last, unimportant think is hiw I will sell it once... I mean If I will like and enoy it then I will not regret any penny spend on it. If car will make troubles then I will sell it as soon as possible for almost any price, just to go away... so I will not be in position to regret money spend on it... whatever you look, buying and owning a car is expence... so bother how good I will sell it in moment I first park it on my yard is stupidity non plus ultra.
  12. Reasons not to buy a Kadjar

    Probably because there will be no follower (like Kadjar MK2). Anyway, there will be Volvo XC40...
  13. He he,my lady grumpling about that comparing it with Garmin Nüvi mounted on second car...
  14. Media senses

    I beleive it is not such a thing to install it... My next project for warmer days...