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  1. Servicing question

    hi, the filter is at the front , easy to get at ,and siphone the oil out is the easiest way I do it on all the cars I have, also Mobil fully synth is a great oil, watch the tube vid of the merc with 1million k on it. (Mercedes Million Kilometer Test) , I do use the elf oil but there are many great oils today and I will change mine as always at about every 6 months, so easy to do, use a top name oil i.e. shell, mobile, amsoil,elf, and so on, use the right spec ACEA C4 Renault RN0720 big names can't afford to make crap oil thay have a reputation to keep. hope it helps
  2. What Oil?

    yep its good stuff , ELF-EVOLUTION-FE 5W30, I just order online good price to.
  3. Hi All

    hi all just joined, got new kadjar sig/nav all the toys, flame red, auto, its great, will post a few pics latter.