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  1. Looking for help. Purchased kadjar 2 weeks ago. 3 days after while car had not been used for 1 day, the battery was flat. Recharged and good to go. 2 days later when i went to start car, waring sign, battery low start car immediatley. Gargage checked battery and tested as fine. Garage placed brand new battey in car. Took home. 2 days later same warning sign. As if something is draining battery. Garage have now had it again for 4 days. Hooked up to computers, charged, left lying etc and cant find an issue. Anyone any ideas. Thanks in advance. Attached photo of warning
  2. Kadjar 66 plate 1.5 dynamique diesel

    I will see what happens tommrow apparently thet dont get the error. Just me. Typical isnt it.
  3. Kadjar 66 plate 1.5 dynamique diesel

    Any idea where the post is? I will memtion tomorrow about loose wire on the alternator and see what he says. Thanks again
  4. Kadjar 66 plate 1.5 dynamique diesel

    Nothing like that. Had only done 2800 miles when i got it. Struggling for ideas here.
  5. Kadjar 66 plate 1.5 dynamique diesel

    I know nothing about cars. Would this be draining the battery?