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  1. entering Sat Nav destinations

    Can anyone please help me with the issue below? I have just bought a Signature Nav and would like to input all of my destinations information into the cat Sat Nav. Am I able to input the postcodes and give each of the destinations a specific name, and then store them, and finally how do i add those i choose to the favourites?
  2. USB Function

    i can select and play amazon music through bluetooth, once i have started it playing on the phone, but if i connect the phone to the usb it always selects iTunes? and i cant get it to play amazon music then
  3. New Member Alan B

    I, today bought a Signature Nav and so far are very pleased with it but i did have a not so good experience at a petrol station. After filling the car i went off to pay, leaving my wife in the car. After a few yards the doors locked and my wife panicked and opened the door setting off the alarms!! Presumably the alarm would have sounded anyway once the passenger compartment sensor realised the space was not empty? Also is there a way to prevent the doors locking if someone is left in the car?