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  1. Alarm system question

    Thanks folks, that seems to work!
  2. Hi folks Does anyone know if there's a way of disabling the alarm when you lock the doors. Being a dog owner there are times I need to leave him in the car with the windows cracked open for a short time (don't get me wrong I NEVER leave him for long periods... I don't do things like that, I just mean if I stop for diesel or something). Even pressing the key once doesn't stop the damned thing from activating. Am I missing something?
  3. Folks, can anyone help with this one before I have to book it in. My wife just called , it appears the electric handbrake wont come on (either manually or in park). Vehicle is a 2017 SigNav Auto. It was fine when I was driving it yesterday and was engaged when I was defrosting it this morning (yes defrosting!!!!.. we live in Scotland! ). There's no error on the dash other than its saying to apply handbrake when she switched off the engine and opens the door. Any help much appreciated!
  4. france

    That'll be us in August, back to South Brittany... our second home!
  5. I'll let you know how that suggestion went if the surgery is a success
  6. Clock display

    This is an odd one.. sometimes the clock on our Sig Nav (Bose Edition) shows an analogue style clock, other times its digital. We have 2 profiles set up but it happens on both. You can go for days with digital and one day it simply decides to be analogue by itself. Another RLINK anomaly?
  7. Warranty issue?

    Mmm could be but its only on one wheel. Lets see what Renault say..
  8. Warranty issue?

    Cheers! I’ll let everyone know how we get on👍
  9. Folks, one of the 19” wheels on my wife’s Kadjar has developed what I can best describe as a faded area on one of the outer spokes. Vehicle has done 10k but the wheel has never been kerbed or damaged. What is Renault like with warranty claims? I know from experience both Peugeot & Vauxhall were a nightmare. Is it worth my while trying to get a dealer to repair/replace under warranty?
  10. New owner

    Thanks mate. It’s going back for a warranty check... I worked for many years for Peugeot UK so from experience I reckon it’s loose drainage tubes (don’t ask how I know lol!). I’ll let you guys know 👍
  11. ICE - DAB Radio text.

    Ours is the same.. its probably permanently on Planet Rock with a perfect signal and the Alpine DAB in my van displays songs fine. We just got the V5 this morning so we can register it and try the MAP update.
  12. New owner

    Hi, My name's Scott and my wife & I just picked up a pre-reg 1.5TCi Sig Auto with the Bose sound system. Its actually going to be my wife's car (who's still a bit distraught at selling her Mokka Techline) as I fly model jets (hence the username) and its way to small for me! Initial impressions... very quiet compared to the "agricultural" Mokka, well equipped although I will be adding at least a space saver wheel and jack for out annual holidays in France, I'm not a fan of the foam! Auto is smooth although a little dim-witted at times and the head unit has some "odd" programming that the Mokka did a lot better. Oh.. and does anyone else find that dash and panoramic roof rattles like hell? Going back to the dealer as soon as to have this looked at.