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  1. Noise from power steering

    Hi - think im also having that issue on 2016 Kadjar S-Nav Only when turning steering wheel right, left is free and easy - right has this horrible noise: IMG_7426.MOV
  2. Hi, i may be experiencing the same thing - only when low speed and turning steering wheel a fair way to the right....left is free and easy - right seems to having something rubbing behind steering this the same issue? IMG_7426.MOV
  3. Great, makes sense - thanks all
  4. Hi, I have cycled through all the options using that book like symbol The compass doesnt show on my partners profile, but she has the AVG and Current MPG My profile has the compass but not the AVG and Current MPG Im wondering if its related to the speedo style chosen - wouldnt think so though
  5. Bit of a weird one- 1 year old Signature Nav 1.5 Diesel Just noticed when cycling through the dash display options (the one that shows the compass, nav instructions, radio station you are listening to etc). I was driving on my missus profile (hence the pink) :-D but I noticed that I could now see AVG MPG and current MPG together on the dash display, just to the top right of the speedo - I also noted the compass was no longer selectable. Switched over to my profile - and I can still see the compass but cant choose the much more beneficial fuel consumption details Is this a setting I can change, or just a bizarre oddity?