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  1. Dashboard Rattling noise

    It might be a "Renault Thing", but my Captur kind of suffered from the same thing when it was brand new, as from what i could gather & work out, the bits of the dashboard used to "bind" & kind of squeak on each other as they made contact & rubbed on each other. Personally I found that a relatively quick & easy fix for me was to squirt a bit of Mr Sheen on the dashboard joints, it seemed to lessen the kind of contact resistance, lubricate the joints & thus soften the noise. Armor all dash spray worked too. Good luck with going back to your dealer, as when I went back to my dealer regarding a problem with my brand new Kadjar I was left high & dry as the dealer refused point blank to even look at the car & told me to ....'Take it up with Renault we don't make the cars'. Hope you find a solution to your problem.
  2. Mine's already rid after 21 days.
  3. Getting a kadjar (hopefully)

    Mine was a nightmare, had excessive moisture in both headlamps, multiple body panels out of alignment, the OSF headlamp was protruding, yet the NSF headlamp was flush, & to top it all ......the Renault main dealership where I got it from refused point blank to even look at the car! . The dealer just kept referring to the handbook & going on about a "headlamp phenomenon" & "tolerances" in the headlamps The dealership told me to.. 'Take it up with Renault we don't make the cars' The dealership just basically pointed to the small print in the handbook & showed me the door......Disgusting! I got an independent engineer from DEKRA to come to my home to examine the car who found that the Kadjar was unsatisfactory & to cut a long story short it was refused/rejected & now I no longer have the car (i only had it for 21 days). Hope it all goes well for you, but beware a headlamp "phenomenon" poor headlamps/body panels out of alignment & maybe a dealer that doesn't give a toss.. Perhaps mine was one of those rare "Friday" cars that was built at a quarter to alehouse. I had the petrol 1.2 turbo (like Patwar above) & I agree totally the fuel economy was poor, I don't have a heavy right foot either & don't stick my clog down hard, so I've gone back to diesel, (I certainly find that what I've got now is not as thirsty). Best of luck, hope it all goes well
  4. Keyless car theft

    From what i can gather there's another kind of theft (that involves theft from parked cars) that takes place, whereas when you walk away from your car, a criminal/car thief holds a kind of radio "interceptor" that intercepts & blocks your key details so that when you walk away from your car & it goes ..."Peep Peep" so you may think that it has locked but the tea leaf scumbag waiting nearby has blocked it's details meaning that they can at least open your car & steal it's contents after you have gone. Personally I'm always careful wherever I leave any car & sometimes I'll just go back to it within a couple of minutes to see if it's got any (unwelcome) attention.....& if in any doubt ...I'll just get the hell out of there.
  5. Hi From HK

    Spot on ulfire
  6. Hi From HK

    Personally I liked the look of the Kadjar as a car, the feel of the car,the comfort, the colour,the space,the roof rails (for a roof box) the 7 speed gearbox, the alloy wheels, the R-link & the Kadjar seemed great in the showroom & you seemed to get a lot for your money, plus before all this I had a Captur before that I really loved, a car that gave sterling service & never ever let me down, thus I had confidence in Renault as a brand & I expected to certainly have the same experience when I upgraded to the Kadjar & had no reason to doubt anything. Other than having the routine services & a minor recall (with no issues found) those were the only times that the Captur visited the dealership. I suppose that the only real test of a dealership is ...when you really need em. The way the dealer behaved really soured my feeling towards the car,(a car that was ruled as defective by an independent engineer) & although at one point I did for a short while consider getting another Kadjar from another rival dealership, I found that it sadly ruined any confidence that I had with Renault & therefore I jumped ship altogether.
  7. Hi From HK

    Yeah I've seen the Marina Blue, looks snazzy.
  8. Hi From HK

    I'm certainly not dissin anyone elses Kadjar's, I just think that i probably had one of the rare ones that was a problem child that should have been quickly sorted at dealership level. I had a lovely car with some problems that were compounded by a crap dealership who were obstructive, wouldn't help me, wouldn't even look at the car & did all that they could to wriggle out of their responsibilities. Because of their inaction it had to go back. Your 4X4 KJ in red sounds nice JC, hope it all goes well for you, safe motoring pal take care.
  9. Hi From HK

    Hyundai Ioniq..Mmm nice. A bonny looking motor you've got there ulfire. what colour did you get?? As for the Sportage I pretty much got more or less the same spec as I did with the Kadjar except for. No walk away auto locking (don't miss it) No auto main beam dip (never used it & don't miss it) No lane departure warning (I isolated it as it got on my nerves as it went off at the slightest thing) No auto handbrake (don't really miss it) No R-link & speed limit warning etc (didn't think much of the R-link system) as in the short space of time that I had the Kadjar I couldn't even get my phone to bond with it... & after I found out that I was getting rid of the car, I just gave up on it... Can't get your phone to bond with R-link?? ...Oh well never mind at least you can choose one of six colours to have your dashboard/display.......whoopee shit! I hated the auto interior courtesy lights that couldn't be turned off as I prefer to have my eyes already accustomed to the darkness when I get out of the car instead of being lit up like Blackpool illuminations just before you get out into darkness Plus I don't miss the stupid bloody key.....that isn't really a key as such & can't be put onto a key ring without modification or an aftermarket purchase (I bet that they ain't cheap to replace either) In many ways the Kia doesn't have as many auto gismos & R-link etc but in all honesty I can't say that I miss them. Something I've got on this Kia that wasn't on the Kadjar is an auto door lock feature , where the doors lock as soon as you drive off reach 5mph A reversing camera (that wasn't on the Kadjar) Illuminated door controls (that wasn't on the Kadjar) Courtesy lights (that I decide when I want on) Spare wheel (that wasn't on the Kadjar). Oh! & a solidly built & robust key THAT GOES ON A KEY RING I know that I'm being somewhat negative to the Kadjar but in comparison to the Kia I find the Kia to be a car that's of great build quality,very comfy & rock solidly built. Only thing I really do miss from my Kadjar is the actual COLOUR! as I wish that I could have had the Kia in the beautiful red that Kadjar was in but I didn't like the shade of Kia's red so i wen't for the silver (Silver Frost).
  10. remote locking (Tanker)

    I even had this walk away locking on my trusty 64 plate Captur...that was a brilliant car. no problems at all, not like the Kadjar that I had for just 22 days before I said bye bye to it, shame really as it was a car that I really wanted & was looking forward to having but after my experience with both the car & the dealer I will never have Renault ever again
  11. I had water/excessive moisture in BOTH HEADLIGHTS (plus body panels out of alignment) in a 5 HOUR OLD CAR!! ....& the Renault main dealer where I got it from refused point blank to even look at it!.Bastards! I've heard of dipping ones headlights ..but never having to use a dipstick to check the levels . As it's winter, should I have used anti freeze in my "headlamp fluid"???....or will that be harmful to the goldfish that I've kept in there
  12. Hi From HK

    What have you got now ulfire? if you don't mind me asking. Incidentally I got myself a Kia Sportage in silver frost metallic, as for the Crnold Alark Renault senior sales executive (yes he had been promoted), I feel that he was just trying to wind me up just to get me to lose my rag & swear at him (so that he could say that I was abusive) & thus give him a reason to hang up & not deal with me, but I wasn't biting & I think (much to his annoyance) I kept it professional & polite (it was difficult, believe me). I'm still not happy at the way I was treated & I'm still not finished with this, as I feel that the dealership should treat their customers better. What if I had been a little old lady who didn't know her rights? or someone who was used to being walked all over & didn't want to make a fuss?. Personally I feel that the Renault dealership expect motability customers to just put up with crap & be thankful that we've got a car. Well all I can say is that the Kia is spot on!, no problems to report & the Kia dealership have been bend over backwards to help & have put me at ease with the purchase/lease....Just what you would expect with a brand new car experience. Are you listening Renault UK??
  13. New Kadjar Owner

    I got mine (as A motability car) on Halloween (ooer ) & within hours I found that there was excessive moisture in both headlights,as well as one of the headlamps standing off & unequal shut lines etc. The dealer wouldn't even look at it!!. All i was told was 'take it up with Renault UK as we don't make the cars'. Anyhow I reported it to Motability who arranged to have the car independently examined by an engineer from DEKRA Automotive who ruled in my favour & the lease was cancelled & car was returned. If you aren't happy don't let the dealer fob you off, have a look at the 'Consumer Rights Act 2015' & see if that helps.
  14. Hi From HK

    According to the "New Car Senior Sales Executive" at the Renault main dealer where I got my lemon..... 'Oh people only go on forums to complain' Incidentally, my Kadjar went back on Tuesday.
  15. Daft Newbie

    Well, I say that the controls are right behind the wiper stalk,they are actually just below the wiper stalk. I would like to know how to permanently turn off the interior courtesy lights, but is it worth it now? as I've only got the car for another week or so.