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  1. I will start at the beginning, we are Motability customers & for the past 3 years we have had a Renault Captur that was supplied by our local main dealer, all went well & at the end of the three year lease we decided on a brand new Kadjar to replace it. We ordered it & took delivery on Halloween ... As we were being waved off the Renault main dealer forecourt, they said.. 'Any problems sir, you know where we are' It looked lovely & we were so glad that we finally had the Kadjar....Brilliant! A beautiful car! However within hours of parking it on the drive I noticed that there was excessive moisture in both headlights??, & the car didn't look quite right, ??no problem I thought as the dealer did say.......'Any problems, you know where we are'. So the following day I went & took the car back to the Renault main dealer to make them aware of this excessive condensation issue etc, but they refused point blank to even look at it, instead calling it a "Phenomenon" & referring to a passage in the handbook that covers this "Phenomenon" involving headlights. Basically, instead of them even looking at the car I was shown the handbook.......& the door! I told them that I wasn't happy but all the woman on the aftersales reception would repeatedly say is..... 'Take it up with Renault UK ....as we don't make the cars'............ She then went & ate her Subway butty. Infuriating!!!. No problem I thought, it's all a mix up & the dealer will no doubt sort it out, especially after I speak to the "New Car Senior Sales Executive" who's dealt with with this right from the start, he seems helpful & won't let me down......so I thought. However!, He wouldn't do anything & kept going on about the headlamp "Phenomenon" & "Tolerances in the headlamps", despite me telling him that the car didn't look right he just wouldn't do anything. I said that I had been on the forum & he just replied ..'Oh people only go on forums to complain'. & I told him that he was being unfair. He just said that 'He's being cynical as it's his outlook due to being in that job' He also said that ..'We as a dealership don't make a right lot out of Motability'..............(Thanks for that little kick in the balls)....You Tw@t. The dealership refused point blank to see the vehicle so I had no choice but to take it up with Motability who arranged on my behalf to have the vehicle examined independently by DEKRA who sent a professional & impartial engineer, who examined the vehicle at my home, outside in torrential rain (there was no condensation at the time of examination, but this was purely because the atmospheric conditions were not conducive) but I provided clear documented photographic evidence from the night before of excessive headlamp condensation. (My photos attached) The engineer has subsequently found... CONCLUSION......... 'At the time of examination, no evidence of condensation could be found inside the headlamps'. 'It was noted during the examination that there was some misalignment noted of the headlamps placing within the vehicle bodywork. 'There was also noted some misalignment between the bonnet & the front grille' 'Should this be the case it may indicate that there has been cosmetic damage to the front of the vehicle, But this would need to be confirmed'. 'In any case there should NOT! be any condensation evident on the inside of the headlamps' 'There is misalignment between the bonnet & the front grille' 'The OSF headlamp is standing 10mm proud of the bonnet,yet the NSF headlamp is flush' To cut a long story short Motability have rejected the car & released myself & my wife from this lease, so it's bye bye to the Kadjar after just 8 days & we are now shopping for another car....(it won't be a Renault)...I'm done with them. Bitter sweet really, as the Kadjar was lovely (in the showroom) but in reality the one we got has been terrible (& so has the dealer). I feel really let down by the Renault Main Dealer,who I feel has behaved appallingly, thank god I had Motability fighting my case or I feel that I would have been royally shafted & left with a lemon with a dubious past. My own personal opinion & gut feeling is that the vehicle has had a minor bump (& poor repair) during the build/delivery process. Very odd behaviour from the Renault Main Dealer...very odd indeed. Never Ever Again.