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  1. Thanks very much for the info J C. Your help is much appreciated. 👍
  2. Well after 5 days without a starting issue, just happened again at the local shop. Have had to leave it there and walk home. Really regretting buying a Renault now. Have been told that they are covered by a Renault breakdown cover up to 3 years old. Is this true if I bought it used at 12 months old. On a 66 plate.
  3. Unbelievably started 1st time this morning. Will take it to Renault to put on diagnostics.
  4. Hi J C. The clicking sound is on left and sounds like near glove box. just tried starting again and sounds like a high pitched whistling sound inside engine compartment. Maybe starter motor fault. Battery leads are tight and check all leads i can see and made sure they are on. Thanks.
  5. Good evening. Just after a bit of advice. Got in car after work and started fine. Drove car from work about 40 miles. Parked it for an hour whilst watching my son rugby training and came back to car to come home but wouldn't start. All lights came on dash and windows go up and down so surely not flat battery?? Also when stop/start button pressed there is a clicking sound on left hand side near glove box. Managed to bump start it to get home about 2 miles. Parked on driveway and stopped engine and same again. Anyone any ideas please. Thanks.