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  1. Folding Door Mirrors?

    Mmm, well again there could be a grey area in the way you ask or an answer is given. Andrew is correct but can I just add. The mirrors open out or close in when you press the "magic button", from inside the drivers door panel, its a simple & basic folding out/in operation of the mirror housing, now then as for the glass in the housing then that stays fixed to the position that you set it at, so yes you wont need to adjust the actual glass mirror for your driving position but another driver may need to if your viewing area is different to theirs. So to sum up : These are NOT memory automatic mirrors, where you can set a number of different positions, and each position is altered & set automatically depending on the drivers personal setting, they even dip for reversing and then go back to the memorised position, (nope these are not on the Kadjar) . The Kadjars do not fold/unfold automatically by pressing the key fob, you need to remember to press the internal button when parking the car to fold the mirrors inwards, same thing when driving off to unfold the mirrors. Personally I tend to forget to fold them in when I park the car, but tend to notice straight away when driving off. Adjustments of the glass can be done by the driver, and the adjustment is fixed until it is altered the next time.
  2. Folding Door Mirrors?

    Thats typical of Renault customer care, offering the wrong advice as per usual.
  3. Folding Door Mirrors?

    Pluses for me ? I think I'd pretty much agree with ulfire . Nice looking SUV, with probably the best LED headlight units within its SUV style competition, it is a nice firm ride but not firm in the uncomfortable sense, the diesel engine I think is quiet in comparison to some I've heard. Look, the Kadjar is a nice car to drive and look at, but unfortunately let down by not having certain features that a car of this price and spec, certainly the Signature should have these features. These "missing" features are not to some a problem, which is fine, but thats not the real point, a car of this price & spec should have them and its as simple as that. The manuals state "depends on spec", as yet I dont think anyone, including Renault actually know where this elusive fully spec'd Kadjar is hiding, it's a very rare beast indeed It should also not be suffering from the electronic gremlins that it is so clearly is, and should have a first class customer care package from Renault that it clearly hasnt. My tip, (bit late for you buddy), go for the Dynamique Nav, because its less money, has nicer wheel options, a far better sound system than the Bose, and you wont feel so hard done by with the missing bits cos you didnt pay as much as me (mug) for the Signature, and yet still got all the same basic stuff.
  4. Folding Door Mirrors?

    As others have said , the mirrors do not automatically fold out or in, the brochures and manuals are very vague, Renault customer care agree that the mirrors according to the manuals/brochures should indeed automatically fold on locking/unlocking, they also agree that they have written a load of crap in their manuals. You may, as you read through the instructions and get to know your Kadjar find that its not only the info on the mirrors thats misleading, for instance dont expect your volume to automatically increase as your speed increase's (Bose system), but the brochure indicates that it should. Best thing to do is throw the brochure/manual away and just drive the Kadjar along and just learn whats on the car and whats not all by yourself, because Renault dont seem to know themselves.
  5. Recalls!

    "Back in the day" Volvo's were known to have fuel feed issues. They changed to Ford drive trains late 1980's but always looked to go back to their own designed and built engines. They do actually build a very good engine, and car to be fair, always have done, albeit a bit thirsty in the old days. Their new VEA engine is apparently raising some interest in the motoring world and could be something to look out for.
  6. Recalls!

    My cousin has the R-Design V40, nice motor, very well equipped, a good looking car too. Totally different type of car to the Kadjar though, is experience with the Kadjar must of put him off SUV's for life, or at the very least Renault
  7. Recalls!

    Did Jactac move onto a Volvo then ? A strong, sound and reliable performer. Must of decided to play safe and go for the tried and tested option as a replacement to his Kadjar .
  8. Recalls!

    Not a nice thing to happen, agreed, in fact any recall is a pain in the arse, especially on a new model, but it is good to see a manufacture own up to issues and act on them. Not like one I could mention eh Another thing that needs to be taken into account is that this re-call is for older 5 cylinder engine which is in fact now discontinued on the MY16 models. Volvo have swapped from the Ford built drive-train, the one affected, to their own VEA built engines, on almost every model, diesel & petrol from mid MY15 on. I'm not quite sure about the production date of md-2015 for the affected cars - the S/V60 and V70 changed over to the 4-cylinder VEA diesel engines in MY16. The last 5 cylinders Ford engines (affected ones), were in the MY15 cars, which ended production mid-2015. The only models that carried over the 5-cylinder diesels into MY16 are the AWD D4 & D5 versions of the XC60 and XC70 which still used the affected Ford engine, but that is soon to be ended some time in 2016. Volvo, like many top end manufactures have been going back to designing & building their own engines for years, hence the very good VEA drive-train from MY15 on.
  9. TomTom or not TomTom

    This is interesting as my dealer and Renault customer care have both stated to me that the sat nav software is run on the TomTom platform. ????
  10. Check this out with your dealer but I was told, when I asked to swap the wheels that its just not a simple case of swapping wheels over, even if Renault allowed it. Apparently the tyre pressure monitors are calibrated for each individual wheel specific to the car they were allocated to a the build stage ? I dont know how much truth is in this because if you needed to purchase a new alloy due to say damage, then that would mean the new wheel would need calibrating to tyre sensor, then calibrated to the car ???? It was explained its due to the way the tyer monitors and traction control system monitor the car, and weight difference in wheels would throw out the traction control monitoring system , or something like that anyway
  11. Paint protection is applied at the dealers, so the trims would of already been fitted. As for contacting the Financial Ombudsman they will ask you for the case number that Renault finance would of given you on their reply letter, so if i were you I would log a case file with the F O straight away seeing as Renault finance have now replied with an open case. You have nothing to lose at all by getting the F O on board, an you can close the case at any time. The sooner you get this sorted the better outcome for yourself. I've said this already but it needs repeating, do exactly as Jactac did, he gave Renault plenty of options to get things right, but when they failed he then decided enough was enough and started the rejection process without looking back. I really do take my hat to him for using the law and his statutory rights to the letter. Renault really had no option but to refund every penny once he (Jactac) let them know he meant business, and its by getting the FO involved that he was letting Renault know they had a real fighter to contend with.
  12. Didn't jactac mention something about low battery warning as one of the issues he had before returning his Kadjar ?
  13. This "to be resolved box " is getting rather full, dont you think Whats that you say ? "We need a bigger box"
  14. Yep same issue here. It seems to have a mind of its own.
  15. If I'm not mistaken the rear units are also a sealed LED unit as well.