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  1. Oil & Filter Change

    I agree with previous comments on minimum of oil & filter every 12m, especially on diesels, regardless of what Renault say in their servicing schedules. Just had oil/filter changed on my March 17 diesel 1.5 even tho only cabin filter was specified, not sure if I was bit short changed on amount tho, as when dipped only came up to 2/3 on dip stick, even tho service sheet said "used 4.8L engine oil"...mmm.
  2. Titanium Grey KPN touch up paint

    Hi, had fun time trying to find flame red pearl touch-up, after long call to Renault CS gave me code of 7711783744 for ordering from Renault dealer at £18.35, which think works out at about £1 per drop...!
  3. Hi, greykadjar - whereabouts are you located, how much are you looking for?



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    2. Steve B

      Steve B

      Ok thanks its 07790 456663.





    3. greykadjar


      Hi it’s 17 inch I think it’s all brand new was looking for 110 comes with jack etc ,I am in East London if any good to you 

    4. Steve B

      Steve B

      Thanks, I'll give it some thought.