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  1. Hi I bought a pre-registered (March 2017) kadjar in November 2017. On the documentation it is mentioned first service due in March 2018 or 18000 mileage. If I go for 1st service when my kadjar covered 18000 miles instead of March 2018 will it invalidate my warranty? As presently I covered 3000 miles.
  2. Speeding alert beep

    I would appreciate if you can enlists the steps here, especially for driver settings side.
  3. Speeding alert beep

    Hi Ulfire, AOne and others Actually this was I wanted to know how to enable spoken speed camera alerts? I would appreciate if any body can let me know how to enable/use spoken speed camera alerts Regards
  4. Speeding alert beep

    Many thanks Ulfire.
  5. Speeding alert beep

    I would appreciate if you can enlist some steps here. Which menu is it?
  6. Speeding alert beep

    In Kadjar Nav should I expect to get a beeping speeding alert? Presently, it shows a sign of a coming speeding camera but doesn't beep. Thanks
  7. Add-ons to Kadjar

    ideally official.
  8. Add-ons to Kadjar

    Hi Can I add front and rear sensors along with reverse camera to my Kadjar Nav? If yes, any idea how much reverse camera cost? What else additional features can I add to the nav model (like hands free parking,etc) Thanks
  9. CarPlay - How do I know it is in my car

    AOne, this is I want to know how can I play music files via BlueTooth using the multimedia?
  10. CarPlay - How do I know it is in my car

    Thanks Aone. Mine starts with 2.2.17... Is there a way to update it? Mine Kadjar is manufactured in 2017. Secondly how can I access music files from my iPhone or listen to music of my choice? Thanks
  11. Gear change indicator - 1.5 Dynamique

    Thanks for the replies, appreciated.
  12. Hi I have recently bought Kadjar Nav, I am able to connect my iPhone with bluetooth. My phone has the carplay. But the applications on my phone are not displayed on the screen. What should I do to access the applications on my phone?
  13. Pre registered car

    Many thanks for your replies.
  14. Hi My 1.5 Dynamique only shows move up indicator, move down gear indicator doesn't show. Is there any problem? Mine is eco-drving Regards
  15. Pre registered car

    Many thanks turboted10 and ulfire for valuable advice.