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  1. Heated seat project

    I have the Bose seats (part leather and part fabric) But will see how bad it gets, i am a viking after all
  2. Heated seat project

    Mine does not have it installed from the factory, apparently because it was one of the first imported to Denmark. But i've decided to try without it over the winter to see if i really need it
  3. Heated seat project

    Okay, was hoping for a real easy install But thanks
  4. Members Kadjar Showcase

    My newly bought Titanium Grey beauty 1.5 DCI Zen with EDC automatic gearbox Very happy with it so far
  5. Heated seat project

    Hi My Kadjar doesn't have heated seats from factory either. But isn't the original heaters always there? i was thinking to just add the buttons and it would work? What did you find out in your adventures?