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  1. Likes: + Panoramic roof is my favorite thing about the car. I just love how much sunlight you get and how much more pleasurable driving is with it. + I like the RLink2 (oh, boy)- the features that I use work and work well (Navigation, Blutooth); I am satisfied with the screen resolution and reaction times; + I really love the interior layout- I think it has just enough knobs on the dash so they didn't go fully touch-screen, but the "cockpit" doesn't look like a Boeing 727 either + Ride comfort (on 17'' alloys), the suspension is well set to be on the soft side so it helps a lot on some beat up roads + All around plastic covers- easy on the heart when you get that scratch + Economy- I figured that I am saving about 50% off my fuel bill compared to my previous vehicle + Maneuverability- it's easy to get in and out of parking spots + Looks- we can't ignore them + Exclusiveness- it's just the right amount of popular Not sure: ~ The EDC gearbox works great most of the time, but sometimes it gets confused and "forgets" to change gear, leaving me to watch the engine go to 3500 rpm before switching gear. Switching before 1st and 2nd is a bit laggy sometimes (although I think that it got better somehow). I like that the car doesn't switch gears when going downhill, so you can maintain your speed without constantly hitting the breaks ~ Engine (1.5l)- overall good, but I had a couple of instances now when I would have liked to have a bit more power for overtaking. In other words, overtaking takes a bit more planning. I guess it's my fault I chose the smaller engine, but then again 1.6l isn't offered with an EDC (so this point could also be called customization) Negatives: - Squeaks coming from the glove compartment - Sound insulation could be better - Visibility: I liked my rear view mirrors better on my previous car- the view is not wide enough I think; also the B-pillar gives you a big blind spot (at least at my seating position), so you have to move around a lot to check for vehicles sometimes Obviously the biggest question marks that will decide whether I'd go for Renault again are still to be decided-> build quality and durability. Cheers!
  2. Members Kadjar Showcase

    That's about as much offroading as one is able (and expected) to do in a KJ 2WD I don't mind.
  3. Members Kadjar Showcase

    Cheers on the car. I also have the 17'' rims, and am even thinking of going 215/65 R16 for the winter.
  4. Dent 2

    Scratch nr.1 for us as my better half tried pulling off a 360 in front of our garage. Its just the front bumper plastic, so no biggie.
  5. Automatic 1.5l gearbox

    I used to do it all the time in my previous C class, I never do it on the Kadjar. The car keeps its speed downhill (it doesn't shift gears unless you stepped on the gas), and gear changes are pretty smooth.
  6. Members Kadjar Showcase

    Am I the only one doing this
  7. Would I buy another ?????

    I'm perfectly happy with the KADJAR so far, given it has its little idiosyncrasies (like any other car for that matter). Anyone is entitled to their opinion, but having to press a button doesn't make a good car bad. Just my 2 cents.
  8. Automatic 1.5l gearbox

    Yes, it's a thing you'll have to get used to- all EDCs of that kind are slow to change from 1st to 2nd- happens at around 2200rpm, instead of 1900-2000. It used to bother me, but now I just got used to it...
  9. true petrol comsumption

    I reset the trip computer last week and have since tried to drive in the most economical way possible- most of our traffic lights have timers, so I try approaching them so I wouldn't need to stop etc. Result is- 62.8 mpg
  10. Illumination on door buttons

    I think you only NEED to look down to find the switch the first few times around, then it's muscle memory. I'd be surprised if after driving the KJ for a while you still have to look down and find your cruise control or window switches...
  11. Kadjar Sighting Game

    To be fair- these are the exception, not the rule
  12. Kadjar Sighting Game

    Came back from a walk the other day to find this 4x4 Bose parked next to me. After looking closely at the picture, it turned out there were more Kadjars than I thought (can you spot them too?).
  13. !st April Price Hike

    The Tucson and the Sportage are both outperforming the Kadjar for the first two months of 2016.
  14. Kadjar Sighting Game

    I see one about twice a week in Sofia now, mostly red and white ones (I seem to be the only one with Cosmic blue over here). Pity I am never driving mine when it happens so I can really go nuts at the honk & lights