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  1. Hi Starshipuk, I too have a 65 Kadjar with built in alarm that would sound off for no reason. Renault Swansea fitted a new tilt mechanism to prevent the false alarm problem. It worked for some time about 6 months then started to alarm once more. I noticed that whilst operating the front electric windows that my palm would activate the rear windows without realising that they had openend. At some point after leaving the car parked up the alarm would sound. I have since fitted a window module that closes the windows upon locking the car , This was about a year ago and the alarm has not false alarmed since. The only time that the alarm has sounded is when my dashcam fell off the screen and the movement was pick up by the sensors sounding the alarm. The window module is mensioned within the forum . Regards, Haydn.
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    Hi, and thank you for the welcome . Having owned the Kadjar for 20 months I have encountered a few niggles. I must say that I enjoy the whole Kadjar experience from a driving point of view . The first few months did include many visits to my local dealership for Rlink upgrades due to average speed camera and KPH / MPH issues . Problems that I have overcome by turning off audio warnings etc . I think I had the car washed at Renault once a month for the first four months . I still get false alarms from time to time even though Renault replaced the tilt mechanism last year. I have now fitted the Navdy for my navigation purposes which gives me up to date maps, of which was reduced in price recently by £200.00 direct from Navdy , based on Amazon prices . A big surprise for me was the lack of mileage from the front tyres , just short of 10,000 miles . I'm pushing 15,000 miles on the rear soon to be replaced . I owned a VW Passat previously and averaged over 25,000 miles per set of four tyres . If you over look the bad points I still enjoy the car . Thanks again for the welcome .
  3. Hi All, bought this last year from Oponeo.co.uk Alcar KFZ 7856 6,50JJx16 Quantity: 1 x 42 GBP . Had a tyre fitted locally for £60.00. the wheel rim allows a tyre width of 215. Amost the same width as my 19" alloy (225). Hole PCD of the wheel and the offset match the car exactly. The Bose amp drops inside the rim but I have lost some of the under floor storage in the boot. I saw this wheel rim with tyre advertised on ebay for about £80.00 more than what I paid for both rim and tyre.
  4. Hi everyone, I have just fitted one the these modules, its from AliExpress the one for the Kadjar. It appears to work but I find that it takes two or three attempts when locking the car. Any thoughts, has anyone else experienced the same problem ?
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    Hi All, I have owned my Kadjar Signature NAV DCI 130 in flame red since Feb 2016 . Regested Sept 2015. Just got round to joining the Forum.