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    Hi, and thank you for the welcome . Having owned the Kadjar for 20 months I have encountered a few niggles. I must say that I enjoy the whole Kadjar experience from a driving point of view . The first few months did include many visits to my local dealership for Rlink upgrades due to average speed camera and KPH / MPH issues . Problems that I have overcome by turning off audio warnings etc . I think I had the car washed at Renault once a month for the first four months . I still get false alarms from time to time even though Renault replaced the tilt mechanism last year. I have now fitted the Navdy for my navigation purposes which gives me up to date maps, of which was reduced in price recently by £200.00 direct from Navdy , based on Amazon prices . A big surprise for me was the lack of mileage from the front tyres , just short of 10,000 miles . I'm pushing 15,000 miles on the rear soon to be replaced . I owned a VW Passat previously and averaged over 25,000 miles per set of four tyres . If you over look the bad points I still enjoy the car . Thanks again for the welcome .
  2. Hi everyone, I have just fitted one the these modules, its from AliExpress the one for the Kadjar. It appears to work but I find that it takes two or three attempts when locking the car. Any thoughts, has anyone else experienced the same problem ?
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    Hi All, I have owned my Kadjar Signature NAV DCI 130 in flame red since Feb 2016 . Regested Sept 2015. Just got round to joining the Forum.