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  1. R-link 2

    Hi everyone 👋 for those who’s have an issue with update. 1. Clear all data you have on your usb stick 2. Plug in your usb stick to the socket in Kadjar and wait little while (system will save some data on it with the folder you will need for your update) 3. Plug in your usb stick into your pc and copy extracted file into r-link folder 4. Go back to your Kadjar plug in your usb stick, start the engine and wait little while until installation begin and wait until finish. Job done ✅ Repeat this process every time you want to make an update ! 😬
  2. Oct 17 Map Update

    Hi there what is the year of your Kadjar ?
  3. Thank you for replay. I did exactly the same thing with the joints but this is the only place I can’t fixit (locate the source of this noises) I don’t want to take my lovely Kadjar to the dealer because might get worse

    Hi there I’m not remember and I can’t find it. I have pdf manual how to instal FOCAL speakers and those pictures are taken from it. Best regards
  5. Hi there. I’m having a rattling noise coming from the dashboard. Driver side around tweeter cover. Noise only appear when is little bit cold even in the summer when ac is on but when you heat up, is quiet ! Any of you had this problem ? I was trying to find the source of this rattle from the bottom of the dashboard but I can’t figure it out where is coming from this is killing me !

    By the way, I’ve solved my problem with squeaking noise by spraying dashboard cleaner dressing in between the gaps

    This pictures are taken from FOCAL website

    Exactly like colleague said. You need to stick something in to this thinny gap and this will pop out, use plastic spatula,you can get them from eBay for about £5 than you will not damage the leather.

    Hi there, you need to remove top part