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  1. Voice Guidance

    i had this problem a while back. It turns out i had turned the volume down all the way on the voice. If you use the steering wheel or button to turn the volume down just as the sat nav voice is talking, you turn down the nav voice, not the whole system. I actually found trying to put the volume back up in the settings to fix it didn't work for some reason. In the end i set the sat nav, and as the volume on the radio dimmed where the voice would usually happen, i turned it up and the sat nav voice came back on. This might not be your issue, but worth a try.
  2. Tow Hook Cover

    I’ve owned my Kadjar for all of 2 days, and already i’ve Had to go back to Renault as someone has had away with my tow hook cover! According to the rep at Renault, the problem is rife. Thankfully they replaced it free of charge. Anyone come up with any ways of making it theft proof?
  3. So i’ve just taken delivery of my new Kadjar, love it already! I am now looking at buying a dashcam to go with it. Never owned one before so was wondering if there and recommendations for which to get, and also if any fellow Kadjar have found any that suit the car well with either the look or the fitting of it? I would probably look to fit myself but am open to having a pressional do it. What do you guys recommend?
  4. R-Link - problems since upgrading to IOS11

    Due to receive my new kadjar in the next few weeks, i will let you guys know what firmware i am running and if my 6S works as i have iOS 11 installed. I did a problem about 2 years ago with rlink 1 not connecting through USB to my iphone, and a firmware update did resolve the issue, so maybe there is hope yet!
  5. Introducing Myself.

    Just introducing myself to this forum. Due to pick up my Kadjar Dynamique S Nav TCe 130 sometime over the next couple of weeks. I'm sure i will be frequenting this forum often with queries especially as a techie ! Upgrading from a 65 reg Clio Dynamique S Nav TCe 90 due to having a new baby due early next year, and needing more space that the Clio could offer.