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  1. fuel economy question

    But who would enforce this, we are talking about a multi-billion £ industry? Would the UK have the same tests as the EU, or Asia or the US or Australasia....? In the end the companies will make claims based on the best they can get in a lab environment and companies will not change that approach, they can't afford to. Just compare the claimed figures, they give an idea of ranking against other vehicles.
  2. fuel economy question

    Trouble is how to reflect reality, perhaps rigorous standardisation might be possible but you still wouldn't get real world figures but you may at least get consistency.
  3. Kadjar Annoyances

    Out of interest, to those of you who think the position of the stop/start button is annoying: how many cars did you have where you could actually see the slot for the ignition key?
  4. Kadjar Annoyances

    Didn't you look at the car before buying it or perhaps using annoyance is an exaggeration. I get annoyed at the shift to right wing politics, Donald Trump, Theresa May's appeasement of his policies, racism, homelessness and the scandal of the banking system. Annoyed about the position of a switch or button in a car, life must be so perfect for some people.
  5. Speed sign recognition

    National speed limits are road type dependent and you are expected to know them.
  6. My kadjar additions

    Not found a UK motorway where cruise control is worth it, unless you can use it at 10mph on the M6. :-)
  7. no message saved

    Mine is giving me a countdown to my service due date.
  8. speed warnings/alerts self switching to off

    The responsibility lies with the speeding motorist not with the placing of the speed cameras by LCC. If it doesn't have the intended effect you cannot blame LCC; the signs advise motorists, if they continue to ignore them then it is on their heads. It is up to us to drive safely, not the Police, not the Council, not the Judiciary
  9. That Renault bruised feeling

    Try understanding; you are comparing a £10 charge to mend a puncture with the £126 for mending a puncture, and sensor. Not the same thing. I would expect the sensor to be perfectly adequate for recording the tyre pressures, but if you want to ignore it so be it; might be useful if you get a slow puncture the day after you used your pressure gauge.
  10. ECO function value to economy

    I think this sums up the dpf issue quite nicely.
  11. Window button lights

    Can't remember if my Citroen's switches lit up, shows how important I think this issue is. I take it Skoda and VW have counter-intuitive switches. You could try opening the C4 Cactus rear windows from the drivers seat. :-)
  12. That Renault bruised feeling

    Does that include a sensor? We are talking about more than just a puncture from the sound of it. Kwikfit have repaired puncture for free in the past, do I compare that to a dealership? You have to compare like for like. Cars are expensive to repair, fact of life.
  13. ECO function value to economy

    Only performance difference i.e. sluggishness, was with 3 passengers and a boot full of luggage. Turning eco off seemed to help on that occasion. With just me or with one passenger no complaints at all.
  14. ECO function value to economy

    In normal conditions I find Eco is fine and gives some economies, if the car is fully loaded I switch it off.