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  1. I know there are a few threads on replacement tyres but not much on longer term feedback on alternatives for the Contis. Need to replace my 19" fronts and looking at options. Not keen to use Contis as have done 14k on current ones which I think is poor for the cost. Can I ask what people have replaced them with and how they compare to the Contis. Thanks
  2. New Tyres

    I'm sure these are fine but I just don't want to risk cheap tyres.
  3. New Tyres

    I had a bad experience with Nexens a few years ago on a Ford Galaxy, it used to bounce all over the road and felt awful on cornering. Maybe the bigger size and lower profile is better but I vowed never again for Nexens.
  4. New Tyres

    I agree. Really disappointed with the Contis. Mines a 1.5 diesel auto, not very powerful and not too heavy.
  5. New Tyres

    I must admit I'm leaning towards Michelins. The Pilot Sport 4 is about the same price as the Contis that are on. Mixed driving - Urban / Motorway/ Country roads, equal mix. Don't want to put cheap tyres on really.