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  1. Brake Pads Worn

    Agreed and that is what Renault Ireland said aswell. Will see what happens tomorrow when it is in.
  2. Brake Pads Worn

    Contacted Renault Ireland this morning and the car is going in for investigation tomorrow to see why the brake pads are worn. As I said above I feel the pads are rubbing and this is being caused by the Electronic handbrake not fully releasing.
  3. Brake Pads Worn

    Which is what I would expect. I got 3 years and approx 65000km on my Fluence before changing the rear pads. And I am doing the same journey.
  4. Had my 2016 Kadjar, registered at end of January, in for a service today. I know it is a little early for a service but the media unit (rlink) was being replaced so killed two birds with one stone. Anyway I got a call from the dealer telling me my rear brake pads are 90% worn and require replacing. The car is 11 months old and has 21,000 km on the clock. Majority of my driving is on motorways so braking is at a minimum for most journeys. The front are 30% worn. The dealer provided me with a video of the service and this shows them worn. Screenshots attached from the video of front & rear brake pads. It doesn't seem correct that they are worn this much. Has anyone else had this issue with their brake pads? This seems to me to be very very quick to wear which makes me think it is an issue with the car. Something along the lines of the pad rubbing as I drive.
  5. Kadjar Keyholder

    Got one of these holders from http://www.kadjar-keyholder.com/ I like this one as it makes the Kadjar key to fit on my keys similar to my Fluence key.
  6. This is the version mine was updated to on Monday. It was done (on request) while in getting the air bag recall fix
  7. Airbag recall

    Received a letter from Renault Ireland today recalling my car for a reprogramme of side airbags
  8. Electric Windows

    Glad in a way that it is not just my car but the non ability to not being able to override the lock as the driver looks like another big miss. Will more than likely just leave the lock off now. Cheers. Briliant
  9. Not really an issue, more a question. Got my Kadjar Dynamique S Nav a week ago and love it (have the same general complaints that most here have, glove box, window switch lights, that key etc) but I do have a question regarding the electric windows. When I click the button on the drivers door panel to lock the windows, the passenger window and both rear windows are locked. Once this switch is down it doesn't seem to be able to be overwritten. The front passenger window can't be opened by the passenger and none of the windows can be opened by the driver. Only way to open the other three windows is by releasing the switch. Is this correct or have I missed a setting or not clicked another button. My previous car, Renault Fluence, worked this way. Below is a screen shot from the manual, which is far from detailed.