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  1. R-link2 - start delay?

    Hi My R-link2 used to kick in very soon after pressing Start but now has started having variable delays!!! i.e. parking sensors, auto-windscreen wipers on reverse, radio & map might not kick in for a few seconds whereas earlier they were immediate? anyone else had this anomaly?
  2. Latest responses - I don't know how many who have endured this problem have gone down the same line with Renault but perhaps if a lot have then this some how needs co-ordinating by someone collating all entries a sending them to Renault & conversely if people haven't then perhaps they should!!!!!!! Anyway what follows is the text from a series of emails & responses today:- ----------------------- From Renault: Thank you for your email. The issue is with the map content not being up to date. And with each future map update there will be new content added to the map, including the house numbers on the postal codes. But the issue also involves a new software update for your R-Link 2, which we are currently still waiting for its release. The current situation is that you will only be able to update your map when the new software is released. And unfortunately we have not been given any dates as to when the new software update will be released. I hope that makes sense, but if you have any further doubts or queries, please let me know. Kind regards, Marco Tolda Customer Service Representative Renault Connected Services Tel: 0344 369 0000 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM, Mon to Fri https://www.renault-multimedia.com/gbr Thank you for your email. ------------------- Hi Are you saying it's a software issue & maps are ok? ------------------ Thank you once again for your email. The possible answer to your observation, is that the Megane you had was setup with the Carminat TomTom satnav. Both your R-Link 2 and your previous Carminat TomTom have maps compiled by TomTom. The only difference is that the maps from TomTom have to be converted for the R-Link 2 software. This process may create a delay in the process and its content. I hope that this information may help you with this issue. Kind regards, Marco Tolda ------------------ Thanks once again for your prompt response. This has obviously been a problem for a few years judging by what I have read on the internet!!!! All I can say if the software team I was manager of for a number of years for a multi-site manufacturing company had taken this long to cure a problem then they would have been looking for new jobs because it reflects very badly on Renault as a whole. ------------------- Once again my sincere apologies for this trouble with the updates to your R-Link 2. I will forward your feedback to the appropriate department within Renault and hopefully in future we will have the updates released sooner. Once again I am truly sorry for this inconvenience. Kind regards, Marco Tolda Customer Service Representative Renault Connected Services Tel: 0344 369 0000 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM, Mon to Fri
  3. Following info sent Renault connected support via email - Hi from TomTom website: GETTING SUPPORT FOR RENAULT R-LINK Click here to see which products/categories this applies to. Any support concerning Renault R-Link devices is provided by Renault. This also includes the navigation features. To contact a Renault customer support representative in your country use the following details: over to them!!!!!
  4. My House is +40 years old & some before that are a lot older!!!! There was eventually a system notification that the map update had been activated. The TomTom map states it is 2016.6 version.
  5. So this week I changed megane with tomtom satnav that worked excellently for a new kadjar with r-link satnav & the uk map is a tomtom supplied one . According to r-link my house number isn't valid for my postcode & to cap it all the range of allowed house numbers starts 10 houses after mine & finishes partway into next postcode!!!!!! - my son's house also doesn't come up with their postcode either but friends 1/2 mile away do appear when their postcode entered!!!!! if I type in town street & then number it is found on map!!!! I contacted Renault Connected via phone & they said maps out of date & sent me clear instructions on how to update them. So did the update successfully & checked file version numbers as a double check - BUT still wrong!!!!! Renault apologised & suggested I notify TomTom via a mapshare link they supplied - pointed out to them that my previous TomTom in the megane had no such problems - no further response since then!!!! Talk about passing the buck!!!!!!!