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  1. Hi. We ignored the ‘service due in x days’, and now the display just says ‘service required’. I’ve tried following the instructions that reset the ‘service due in x days’’ message, but that doesn’t seem to work now that the supposed day of service has passed. We’ve done very low mileage so don’t want/need a service yet. Any ideas how I can reset the ‘service required’ off, please?
  2. Further to my earlier/separate post about the parking sensors.....!! As they aren't fitted, we have checked out the official Renault accessories, and can see that they offer the rear sensors for £295. Does anyone have any experience of adding these after taking delivery of their Kadjar? The sort of questions I have are: What do these sensors look like? (Being post-delivery, I'm assuming they may not look as slick as the factory-fitted ones? Or are they? We certainly don't want any big blobs just bolted on. Does anyone have any pictures of these?) Is £295 the full cost? Does this include fitting? How long does it take to install? Presumably Renault mechanics fit them? Will these be linked to R-Link? (Again, being post-delivery, I'm assuming not?) Exactly how do these sensors work? Thanks.
  3. Car Start-up - Auto connect to Bluetooth?

    Thanks for the replies - (sort of) nice to know it's not just me. Good tip about the volume! Also, my wife (it's actually her car) has already mentioned using her old iPod instead, and just leaving it plugged into the Aux (and USB for power) and so using that as a music source instead as I'd assume any start-up will just default back to the Aux input......the downside being that she can't then control the tracks from the screen/wheel.
  4. Have paired phone OK and can play music via Bluetooth fine. My issue is that when I get back in the car later, the system defaults back to the radio (for which the volume is much louder so blows your ears off), and then I have to go through the screens to get back into Bluetooth/media mode to start playing the music on my phone again. I've had no joy looking through the manual or playing with settings - all I'd like is for the car to recognise I'm back in and default to playing my music again, rather than it go back to the radio and for me to have to reset it. Any thoughts?
  5. I actually genuinely believe that he also thought the sensors were on the cars - I think it's more a case that he was unaware/ignorant more than dishonest. But we'll see if this converts into some sort of deal that appeases us!
  6. Hi, Everyone. Yes, common sense has prevailed and I've actually checked the car - NO SENSORS!! We were told it had, plus the auto folding mirrors suggested to us we had the parking pack installed (which I know isn't on the Dyn Nav as standard), but silly us for not even checking if the sensors were there! We're now in discussions with the garage about this.....!!!
  7. OK, thanks. Will try the reset and if no joy it's back we go..........
  8. I can't adjust any of the settings on the screen - the on/off (just stays as 'on'), the style of warning (stays on '1', won't let me select 2 or 3), and the whatever the last part is (can't remember just now).
  9. OK, will give it a go, before we get too much set up. Seems weird that this is the only thing (so far) that won't seem to work - all the other settings, panels, all seem OK.......
  10. Ah, see. Will this reset anything I've set up, like a paired phone or radio frequency?
  11. Have just bought a new Dyn Nav (technically was a 'used' car but due to dealer pre-registration, it had to be classed as used - but only 10 miles on the clock), and we thought the car had the parking pack included (heated and folding mirrors, and parking sensors). Mirrors seem fine, so I'm assuming the pack is installed as advertised. But I'm trying to use the central display to adjust the settings of the sensors ('Parking Assistance'), but it won't let me change anything. It says 'On', with the style as '1' and volume set to '10', but I can seem to adjust none of these. We literally only picked it up last night so haven't really tried to see if the sensors even work. But I found this forum and thought I'd ask for any expert advice, please? Many thanks.