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  1. DAB Radio, HELP with a test please

    I have always been under the impression that DAB radio is quite unreliable if you're travelling around. I like to listen to 5Live on BBC and was glad to hear the difference that DAB makes. But on many occasions I get a display saying "Signal Lost" which I can often overcome by going to the preset and pressing the 5Live pre tune. It's safer to stick to FM if the station you want to listen to uses that frequency.
  2. As a relatively newcomer to this Forum, and a refugee from the Captur equivalent, I have noticed that people are more helpful and less antagonistic than the Captur owners club. So far, after 5 weeks with my Kadjar, it has lived up to my expectations but now faces the real test of a drive down to Portugal. Fingers crossed. Now that Renault have changed their warranty arrangements, I have been forced to buy European Breakdown cover as my car doesn't have that under warranty-not amused. As a side issue, I chose Cosmos Blue for mine and this week tried to buy some touch up paint in anticipation of any stone chips I may pick up on the way. Impossible to get either from the local Renault dealer or Halfords. So I bought the nearest shade I could find on the shelf which just happened to be for BMW. Has anyone else been able to buy Cosmos Blue paint? If so, where?
  3. RLink

    Peter, there's a video tutorial about downloading maps and keeping your R-Link2 uo to date which may help. https://www.gps-rlink.com/r-link-2/download-r-link-2-toolbox/ Hope this helps. A picture is worth a thousand words etc.
  4. If you want to know what street you're on, why not use the "where am i?" option on the menu?
  5. X2 loud beeps on locking??

    My Kadjar makes the same sound (2 beeps) as I walk away as my previous Captur so I have assumed that this is normal. I have noticed on the video reviews that it doesn't appear to make any noise when it locks but I would prefer to hear a confirmation that the car is locked.
  6. 1.2 TCE EDC

    Well, my 1.2 Auto has 500 miles on the clock so far and is averaging only just under 34 mpg. About 50/50 between town and motorway. I've now put the ECO button on to see if this will improve it but I know that as the mileage increases, so will the fuel economy.
  7. Polish's, Wax's, Whats your choice ?

    Wow! I'm a bit fazed by all the different methods and views of everyone. I have a cosmos blue Kadjar which I've had for 3 whole weeks from new and I'm about to wash and wax it for the first time as I'm taking it down to Portugal for a few weeks. In the past I've used Armorall Shield wax as it's so easy to apply and, from previous experience, it tends to last 6 months, providing it has a regular wash every 2 or 3 weeks. Like everyone else, I apply it with microfibre cloth. I'm beginning to wonder about using a chamois on it though...............
  8. R-Link update due 1st May 18

    AOne, you may be right but it was shown on the map of my Captur in 2016. You would think that map issues would be the same for Capturs and Kadjars, but obviously not.
  9. R-Link update due 1st May 18

    I took delivery of my Kadjar two weeks ago and having previously owned a Captur, had some ideas about how R-Link worked (or didn't!). I updated the map to version 2012.16 thinking that would be reasonably up to date. Today I noticed that a roundabout installed near me in 2015 was not shown. So much for the latest version. By the way, all these extra numbers baffle me but, for the record here they are. Software Boot 5376 Nav R-Link 3.1.2 Am I up to date?
  10. R Link 2 set up

    I took delivery of my new Kadjar a couple of weeks ago and, having previously owned a Captur, was aware of the quirks of R-Link. I logged on to the R-Link store and downloaded the updates that were listed, including a map update version 12.2016 which I assume means it was issued in December 2016. However, I noticed that a local roundabout built in 2015 is not shown on there. Has anyone else found that "latest" versions are so out of date? How often are these updated?
  11. Easy Life Pack

    Thanks for the replies. I guess I will talk to the dealer and see if I get any joy there.
  12. Easy Life Pack

    Hi All, Just bought a Signature Kadjar with 1.2 Auto box and very pleased with it. It's step up from the Captur I had before and I'm just getting my head around all the gizmos it came with. It has the shorter 3 year warranty so I'm interested in buying the £99 "Easy Life" pack as it seems good value for money. My question is-how do I buy it? I've looked everywhere on line and although I can see lots of references to it there seems nowhere to spend my hard earned cash. Do I have to go to my nearest Renault dealer? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.