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  1. entering Sat Nav destinations

    My old renault had favourites that were so easy to access, but Rlink 2 have the favourited buried in the menus and I find it quicker to use previous destinations. i did set a fav when i first had the car and have now forgotten, but I have asked some questions from Renault how to use the system more efficiently and they really don;t have an answer I have had this sent: "To set a Favourite route in the sat nav, press anywhere on the map and then press on the list icon to Add to Address Book. You may view your saved Favourites under Navigation, then Favourites." I have also managed to set a 'route' but can't fathom out how I did it! I have the handsfree option as well - and I find that a quicker way to get to the previous destinations - even if you don't speak you can just get a different menu option - but no favourites at all - that seems a bit of an oversight, and twice Renault have told me I can do it through there and then said no that got it wrong. I am still corresponding with them and getting very few answers....
  2. R-link2 - start delay?

    on my megane - I have a lot of whirly thingy on the map, which does seem new, will monitor now that you have pointed it out.