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  1. My Routes App

    what is the app supposed to do anyone know?
  2. entering Sat Nav destinations

    My old renault had favourites that were so easy to access, but Rlink 2 have the favourited buried in the menus and I find it quicker to use previous destinations. i did set a fav when i first had the car and have now forgotten, but I have asked some questions from Renault how to use the system more efficiently and they really don;t have an answer I have had this sent: "To set a Favourite route in the sat nav, press anywhere on the map and then press on the list icon to Add to Address Book. You may view your saved Favourites under Navigation, then Favourites." I have also managed to set a 'route' but can't fathom out how I did it! I have the handsfree option as well - and I find that a quicker way to get to the previous destinations - even if you don't speak you can just get a different menu option - but no favourites at all - that seems a bit of an oversight, and twice Renault have told me I can do it through there and then said no that got it wrong. I am still corresponding with them and getting very few answers....
  3. R-link2 - start delay?

    on my megane - I have a lot of whirly thingy on the map, which does seem new, will monitor now that you have pointed it out.
  4. Radio Traffic Announcements

    Are you on version 2 something software? i have just read on another forum that you can get the software update to get new maps, but dealership have to do it....and there is a waiting list
  5. Radio Traffic Announcements

    Renault connect services team have told me today that this is a known issue and that they have are waiting for it to be fixed
  6. It took me several hours to download the maps, but maybe it was super busy when I did it. you just need to refresh and then it will carry on where it left off. I have today installed mine, took about 30 mins. I can confirm a road that opened in May 2016 is on there, but the new M1 junction near me that opened i think May 2017 is not. NB I am on version 3 on the system (sorry I am an interloper and have a megane) I found this site helpful - i assume it is fairly accurate. https://www.gps-rlink.com/r-link-2/update-software/
  7. when you log into Rlink it will tell you how long you have for free maps. It shows it in days. I was told I had them for free forever.....but Rlink tells me 3 years
  8. Well i started at around 3 and eventually it finished at around 8pm, it did about 8% and then crashed...so nope you were not the only one.
  9. I tried to download it and it kept failing, so spent ages getting it, then got cold feet as it had crashed so many time on download that it might mess up the maps I have. Plan to take a back up first, although not sure if that would work or not.
  10. sadly the dealership have not installed the new maps, so am at home doing it myself. The download keeps stopping I wonder if that is because so many people are doing the same. I have found a place that tells you the map updates, and this is a new release just out now https://www.gps-rlink.com/r-link-2/update-map/
  11. when I pick the car up tomorrow I will let you know if I can see any new roads around here - I have 3 different roads around her opened in the last 18 months so should be able to get a timeline
  12. Just thought I would update you about my maps, i have had so many little niggling things wrong with the rlink/alarm randomly going off/black screens (only occasionally)/no TA that it has been taken back to the dealership for the day. They have told me that they have updated the software (?) I will have to check versions when it comes back and now on the Rlink store I have a map update ready to install of 16.12. I can confirm that there were no updates before I left for the dealership as i made the point of checking. 16.12 seems still quite old as 2017 is almost done. I will see if my local roads around here are actually on it. So here is hoping, no idea if this will be the same for you guys with a kadjar
  13. I have an SD slot in megane. I have tried Waves and google maps on phone, both work via usb, but are super small on the screen, clearly their maps are up to date. I don;t know if the size is my phone or Rlink/android.
  14. I am sure i have the "ask me" ticked - but will double check. Never seen so many options....since i have had the car have spent time sitting in the drive pressing numerous options! Wouldn't it be good if you could do it remotely
  15. My old Tomtom used to show me the normal quickest way then pop up with an alternative, this one just sends me on the alternative without telling me why or that it is going to do it. ..this I find frustrating as I like to choose and make a decision myself on my normal work journey.