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  1. 1.2 TCE EDC

    I was not the original poster, but here are my stats for the first 8000 km (5000 miles) on my Bose 1.2 TCE EDC, 19" wheels. Average fuel consumption: 7,74 lt/100km with best fill-up number being 6,85 and worst showing 8,92 lt/100km. The driving style is mild with a lot of low-speed but high-traffic highway. I recently noticed that EDC tends not to let the engine breathe correctly, so I am trying in the last fill-up to use manual gear change as much as possible. This way I let the rpm go higher in order to find the optimal gear-change spots. I am already showing 6,6 and the driving details (speed, traffic etc.) are not much different. Weirdly enough instead of 90-93/100 in the ECO2 counter, I get 83/100 so far. So, it looks like a by-design fault in the system. ECO or no ECO makes no difference so far.
  2. Apparently it was the inside panels of the sunroof. Went to the dealer for the 2nd time, they inspected it and they tore it down and assembled again. No noise now for quite some time.
  3. Anyone else having the same creaking? I tried also setting the driver's seat up a notch in case it was something there, but the noise still lives on.
  4. I guess I have the same issue. In very low speeds only, I get a creaking plastic sound from the interior rear left side while the wheels are turned and the body is warped (ramp, sidewalk etc.). I went to the dealer and they told me it's usually the plastic cover of the front seatbelt but it wasn't gone after the fix. Any ideas? I have tried to roll down the rear window, but it isn't coming from there. Started from day 1.