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  1. Hi all I took delivery of my new 1.2 petrol auto kadjar a little over 8 weeks ago and despite Renaults assertion of 1800 or 12 months service interval I decided to have a simple oil and filter change ( I'm an old fashioned kinda guy) along with mudlflaps fitted front and rear so all seemed simple enough. Due to previous cock- ups over my Dacia service I had a £50 reduction applied to the total bill. The cost for the flaps was as per Renaults quote. However the" service " cost was allegedly 120 plus fluids, filter, sealing washer and VAT I.e it should have cost £197 ! that seems rather steep just wondered what others though especially as they only had the vehicle for 1.5 hours to do both jobs. More concerning however, is the way I think they may have changed the oil filter. I assumed its at the front of the engine and they would take the belly pan off, drain through the drain plug ( as they charged me for a new washer) However there is no sign they removed the pan, and it looks as though they may have removed the turbo hose after the intercooler and got to it that way and probably siphoned the oil out as the top hose to the radiator appeared to have lost its support and there are signs that the bottom connection to the intercooler has been disturbed possibly even damaged. Once again others views would be welcomed is what I have suggested plausible? Is the oil filter at the front of the engine? Is there a drain plug? Can it be accessed and the filter changed without removing the belly pan? ( underside engine protector) and to cap it all they used Mobil fully synth 5w40 which I guess/ hope is OK but I was surprised as main stealers they didn't use ELF. Thanks in advance Mark
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    Hi Shedder got plenty of practice today trying to go down to the local shops about 5 miles away and nose to tail. i thought the grockles would have been at their respective destinations by 1 pm.. And I even managed an eco score of 98.
  3. Good evening all just thought I'd introduce myself I'm Mark and very recently taken delivery of A new signature Nav TCE130 auto. so far so good The dual clutch auto does require a certain alteration in driving style compared with traditional autos but I guess I will get used to it.