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  1. Hi From HK

    Hi, & welcome hope you find the forum helpful, plenty of good & bad points in the Kadjar.
  2. R link firmware

    Well if they start playing that game, I'll tell them to forget the update, I've got around 15 months to go before I change again & it won't be another Renault.
  3. Hi Hil, I had this issue of stalling quite frequently over the 1st 6 months, I took it back to the dealership, They had it for 3 weeks, even one of the technicians even took the car home for several days, but they said they couldn't replicate the fault (sods law) but since I've had it back it's only happened once in the last year, makes me wonder if there was some sought of fault & maybe they had fixed it!! but it seems ok now. Hope you get it sorted!
  4. R link firmware

    Well I've just had a call out of the blue from my dealership to book me in for a firmware update, they apparently had a call from Renault services (the guy I'd been dealing with Bruno) saying they were sending details on how to install the update to their technician. I haven't been in touch with him/them since I last complained about 5/6 months ago, To be honest I'd all but given up hope on the update lol. I've just emailed him asking if he knows anything about the update. His reply. According to my information the improvements for the latest R-Link 2 Software are as follows:- Real Time Traffic Information - Data refresh improved- DAB text information correction- Map Update - It will be possible to download a new map after the new software is installed.
  5. Motability Don't Allow Hardwired Dashcams!!

    Cheers Lynbob, I'll have a chat with Halfords 2day.
  6. Motability Don't Allow Hardwired Dashcams!!

    Got to admit that I was in two minds if I should ask them, but thought maybe it would maybe have been picked up by the yearly service at the dealership in a report going back to Motablity.
  7. Just thought I'd give the Motability guys a heads up, Motability DO NOT ALLOW HARDWIRED DASHCAMS. I was thinking of getting a Blackvue dash cam hardwired (So I could have the parking protection) fitted to my Motability Kadjar, I had called Halfords about having it fitted along with a Power Magic box fitted with it to protect the battery & was due to take it in tomorrow. I just had a thought & called Motability if they had any problems ref the hard wire & I was astonished that they don't allow a hard wire installation. I argued black & blue that it was a professional install & she said no because they didn't want holes drilled in the dash, I said there wouldn't be, but they would not budge on it 😡 They only allow dashcams that are run off a cigarette lighter socket, I explained that it doesn't supply power to the dashcam during the ignition is switched off, still they would not budge.
  8. Front door disassembly

    Probably stripping a nicked Kadj down for parts 😉
  9. Passenger footwell soaked

    Air con pipe come loose, it's a known problem, their is a thread somewhere. Here you go Kug I found it
  10. Known R-Link 2 Bugs & Issues

    Hi Guys, I called Renault ref R-link/Sat Nav/Maps & complained, about R-Link 2 is waste of space & that we will not get a upgrade to Link 3. I also told them that whilst travelling home from London a few months ago, whilst still in London the satnav warned me of traffic ahead & offered me a quicker route which I opted for ( more fool me lol) It took me into a housing estate & started directing me around a block of houses lol after going around twice & cancelled route & used Tom Tom app on my mobile. I also asked about the updated software release & she said it would be soon as it's in the final stages of testing but could not offer any time scale, She said it would fix some of the system glitches i.e. speed camera constant warnings of average speed cameras /speed cameras, possibly the dab radio & that it would solve the map update service, so we will hopefully get the 2 updates a year as stated. I also complained that my map subscription had just expired & that I'd only had one update in 18 months & that when the new update is released that I would have lost out, so she said would ask the relevant Dept. if I could be compensated in some way (I won't get my hopes on that lol) Whilst we are waiting for this elusive update, I'm sick of the satnav constantly repeating "speed camera speed camera" every few seconds whenever it feels like it & especially with variable cameras that are nowhere to be seen, so much so that I've deactivated the warnings. I found this that is working for me on android using google maps.
  11. My Alloygators

    Cheers Guys, I called round a few fitters yesterday, none of them had even heard of the gators & when I explained virtually all of the said they would fit them only if I bought a new set of tyres from them, except for Halfords Autocentre, they said to go along & show them the video before I buy them to see if they will fit the, going around 2morro, so fingers crossed.
  12. My Alloygators

    I've been thinking of having these fitted for a while now, but can anyone tell me what happens when the tyre has to be changed...do they get in the way when changing a tyre or do you have to buy a new set of Alloygators each time? The reason for asking is because my cars a motability car & tyres are changed by quikfit & was wondering if the gators would be a problem when coming to changing the tyres!!
  13. Halfords Touch up Pen

    Cheers ADE thanks for the heads up, just checked my local store & it's in stock, been waiting for this for ages got a small stone chip on the bonnet.
  14. Dash Cam Reviews

    Yep JH I think I'll go down that route too.
  15. Dash Cam Reviews

    Hi Lads & Lasses, I currently have a ddpai m6+ & while it's not bad I find the resolution not the best, so I was wondering if any of you have bought a high spec 2 channel cam hard wired set up? If so which cam did you opt for & can you give a review. I'm considering a BlackVue at the moment.