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  1. R-Link Build

    Oh, I just made a very similar post here: http://renaultkadjarforum.co.uk/topic/4159-the-colder-it-is-the-longer-the-r-link-display-takes-to-start It's very annoying isn't it?
  2. Maybe I've been spoilt by google maps, I don't know, but the default maps that comes with the Kadjar is really useless. I can be sat in a huge traffic jam and yet it hasn't drawn the road red. It does actually get some information through (ie the link to whatever server it is connected to does work), because there are times when it seems to actually know about a queue somewhere, although often it seems out of date. Really disappointed with it - I just never use it for navigation because it's as likely to lead me via the traffic as it is avoid it. Means I always have my phone doing the nav for me. Any observations similar, or ways I can improve it?
  3. Side Load apps onto R-Link

    Is it possible to side-load apps onto the R-Link system? I have had a little google around but not found anything useful. Anyone know of anything. Basically I want to get apps on there that aren't offered by the R-Link store (I know, it has such a good selection I must be mad!).
  4. Basically what the title says. Wondering if other people have noticed the correlation between the weather and the amount of time it takes for the R-Link console to boot? It's gotten to the stage now where I open the driver's door to start the sequence (speedo starts first, then r-link) and then I put my other things in the car while I'm waiting for the R-Link thing to boot. If I just get straight in and start the car, I can sometimes be out of the drive by the time the R-Link is actually starting up.
  5. Dead R Link

    Does your Bluetooth still work? If not, consider disconnecting the battery for a bit and see if that resets it. Worked for me.
  6. R-Link completely dead

    So in response to a couple of comments; It kept the trip and all user settings, but cleared my average MPG. Quite annoying. Also, the little leafy tree thing that tells you how economically you're driving has completely disappeared from the speedo area, and I can't seem to get it back. Otherwise, identical to how it was before the crash.
  7. R-Link completely dead

    Got home, disconnected battery, stood there for a bit, reconnected it and now it works fine. Not exactly a straight forward fix but does indeed work, thanks
  8. R-Link completely dead

    So, I got in the car yesterday and started it. Multifunctional display in the centre console didn't come on at all. The display in front of the steering wheel (speed etc) has reset to Green (I had changed it to blue..). Tried holding the power button down on the radio for 15 seconds. Didn't come on. Radio doesn't work, Bluetooth isn't present, parking sensors don't work... quite frustrating. Can't change any settings (like auto mainbeam or lane guidance). Have stopped the car, locked it, restarted etc.... can't bring it back to life. Any ideas? It's a 16 plate Kadjar, Dynamic S, UK (right hand drive). Thanks!