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  1. iPhone update problems

    Thanks Lewis. My Kadjar was registered June 2017. Yours? .
  2. iPhone update problems

    Thanks John. I had seen that, but wondered if there had been a resolution.
  3. iPhone update problems

    I'm being pestered by Apple to upgrade my phone to IOS 11, but I read on here there have been problems with CarPlay. Has anyone updated recently and what has been your experience?
  4. Four weeks in and I'm delighted with my Dyn Nav 1.5 diesel. Took a bit of getting used to manual again, but bonus is Mrs Softy will happily share the driving (she hated automatics and refused to drive them). Just back from Nottingham from Glasgow over three days and although we've only put 1500 miles on the clock, the mpg is sitting at 53.5. When everything beds in I'm hoping for more. Even got my old iPod Nano to work! Now playing Boz Scaggs and Jackson Browne to my heart's content 🎼
  5. Hello From A Dealer!

    How do you get your ipod to play? Sorry, just noticed mine is an ołd iPod Nano with no Bluetooth"
  6. Sat nav clock incorrect

    Actually, no. I've been using my Apple maps when navigating somewhere new and he rest of the time the screen is on the radio stations.
  7. Map up-date Are they serious ?

    I use Apple maps through car play, just because I love the way the American navigator pronounces Scottish place names!
  8. How many kadjars around you

    Quite a few in the Glasgow area where there is a big Arnold Clark presence and currently some great deals.
  9. Sat nav clock incorrect

    Yes, the car clock is correct. I'll try a reset.
  10. My sat nav clock is running five minutes ahead of real time. I went to settings and made sure automatic time was on, but that seems to apply to the car, not the sat nav. Is the somewhere in the sat nav settings where I can set the correct time?