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  1. !, Yes 2,Yes 3, the LED lights and panoramic roof is what swung it for us, my wife had a IX35 before with a panoramic roof so every car since feels claustrophobic , the wheels are not an issue and it rides great ,I've an R36 so its like floating on water after that . Auto lights should come on in bright sunshine ( noticed a comment above) if the sun is behind you you are invisible, the auto dip beam with the leds is awesome reacting faster to dip or return to full beam in milliseconds
  2. I turn my lights on in any car in bright sunshine especially at dawn or dusk , if the sun is behind you you are hard to see, comes from my training as an RAC/ACU riding instructor on motorbikes and keeps me save cycling too
  3. Paint touch up

    Its because Flame Red is a 2 process colour, I think the base is silver metalic and a red clear coat (lacquer ) I know Mazda do this and their colour is very similar . I also asked before we bought it and dealer said so very hard to match and they never smart repair for used ones at used retail a full panel or a few panels to get it right
  4. Register R link

    On firefox on the pc upstairs tried to log in but never could find the serial from the stick, but im sure she will have changed cars anyway by the time any route has changed . They should update with a service as that was done before the year was up
  5. Register R link

    Ok thanks, dont think we will bother, yes been on that site but still cant get R link serial number to regester anyway. Craxy system anyway, I can still get live traffic updates on my car for free and its 7 years old
  6. Register R link

    wife`s Kadjar has message R link subscription and tom tom maps ending soon , plugged usb in to car then computer but it is blank how to get link in LAYMANS terms I am no cumputer whiz kid , thanks in advance, looked up on the web it says go to R link in car ( the R link app?) then settings how to do that ?
  7. Tuning Box.

    Both are expensive,, its not 2006, prices are way cheaper, you can have a box from here from 129 pounds if you particularly want a box https://www.racechip.co.uk/shop/renault/kadjar-from-2015/1-6-dci-130-1598ccm-131hp-96kw-320nm.html
  8. Renault model year changes

    I have not contacted Renault customer services,luckily no problems with the wife`s Kadjar but I have had dealings with Skoda, so much that ill never buy another again, they are the worst in the Vag group, ive now a VW and their customer services are great
  9. Scuffed Wheel

    It will be more noticeable then the scuff, smart repair or refurb im afraid on diamond
  10. It takes a detailer 5 to 6 hours to apply a sealant to the paint, another 2 hours for wheels( wheels removed) and an hour for interior , even Gtechnic crystal serum which is acknowledged to be the best is only guaranteed 7 years http://gtechniq.com/about-gtechniq/crystal-serum/. Save your money, go to a professional detailer to have it done properly , that kit for the ahem Williams f1 team , lol can be bought for between 25 to 80 pounds, dealers have so much commission on these, just like gap insurance that they do in house with their chamois and sponge monkeys
  11. Would you buy a Kadjar RS?

    That doesn't look too bad,only if it was a 2 litre petrol turbo, all of the current variants are a bit sluggish , but its the wifes car not mine and im spoilt by 345 bhp
  12. Renault, what a joke.

    How long after did you notify them of all this? agree with others you should have rejected it straight away but if the paints bad its bad, I would even go to an approved body spray shop and pay for them to inspect it , they like me will have a paint thickness gauge and can see any deviation over the car it should be uniform http://www.paintgauges.co.uk/videoif one or several panels are much higher, this indicates a panel/s have been resprayed and you've got your concrete evidence right there ! Also how did you pay, credit card or finance company could help you also , good luck Edit, realised you had posted in May about the paint and I commented then about the shocking paint, cannot believe you have been left hanging !
  13. which trim to go for?

    Thats because your volume on your phone is not on max
  14. Dashboard grill ?

    Smith instruments like they had in the 50s were , theyve been perspex for years . Damp microfibre never dry or you will scratch it
  15. Tyre pressures

    Same here , one of the tyres was low so put some more air in and reset it eventually only found the inside rear!