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  1. Just to keep it brief and simple; I have the 1.5 auto and have no issues at all with reversing uphill. Starts to pull as soon as I take my foot off the brake.
  2. Fast forward through songs

    Hi. You can skip forward or backwards through parts of a track that’s playing by using your finger on the touch screen to ‘scrub’ as you would a YouTube song or video. Put your finger on the red line that moves during a song and slide it forward or backwards. To skip the whole track to the next song use the ‘scrolly wheel’ thingy on the volume up/down stalk. Scroll the other way to go back to the beginning of the track, or to previous songs.
  3. X2 loud beeps on locking??

    It says ..... To indicate that the vehicle has been locked, the hazard warning lights and indicator lights flash onceand then light up for approximately four seconds, and a beep sounds in confirmation. granted it says ‘a beep’ and not two — but it does indicate that some audible signal is made. I would be concerned if it didn’t make any beeps at all.
  4. X2 loud beeps on locking?? this certainly mentions the beep 🎼
  5. X2 loud beeps on locking??

    Refer to my previous post above; all working fine with beeps on locking. If you read the manual it also suggests an audible beep on locking.
  6. X2 loud beeps on locking??

    My November 67 plate Kadjar has always given two quick beeps on locking, when walking away from it with the hands free keycard. The interior sensors are most certainly activated; if occupants remain in the car the alarm sounds if they move. I also tested the alarm by tapping firmly on the side windows with a coin and this to activates the alarm.
  7. DR radio - Silent Heart

    @Dolph - P posted this on another topic regarding your issue...... Just a quick point. The column changing scrolling wheel will happily change from whichever station you are on, up or down without starting at preset number one if you have previously ‘opened’ the radio preset screen using the touchscreen. You can then go to Sat Nav screen and use the column scrolling wheel and it will behave as you think it ought to.
  8. daytime lights fault

    @turboted10 - nothing in my rear light cluster is illuminated; not the LED brake section, or the normal filament round shaped section. I actually wish it was....
  9. daytime lights fault

    My November 67 Plate (UK Model) only has front DRL's illuminated when engine is running. Rear lights initiate once the DRL's are off through either auto lights mode or manually switched to side lights or main headlights. Most new cars I have seen in the UK adopt this as standard.
  10. Hi. I live in the West Sussex area - and travel extensively throughout the UK. I listen to Heart Extra mainly, followed by Heart 80's and also my regional Sussex Heart station. No issues whatsoever with DAB signal dropping out. Simulcast is turned on, as is travel update news which also works and cuts in frequently from other stations. Also track and station info works for me on pretty much any station that I get a good signal on; there are obviously a few that I can't and I guess they are weaker DAB signal stations. I'm not posting this to be smug but just to show that it the R Link does and can work properly, but why so many people have this issue remains a mystery. I would feel most aggrieved if mine exhibited the same poor function and would certainly be a regular visitor at my local dealer.
  11. Reasons to get a new Kadjar

    I got my Sig S Nav back in November and have already done around 8k miles. Do I like it - yes. I have been an avid reader of this forum since before I got the car; I have found the answer for many things by scouting around and was therefore familiar to the K's quirks and foibles in advance of its delivery. Why did I get a Kadjar? Well it's a company car; one in a very long line of company cars over 30 years with the same company. This list includes Audi A4, Ford Mondeo, Volvo S60, Vauxhall Insignia, Renault Laguna, and over the last 6 years a BMW 3 series tourer, and a BMW 1 series. So it's fair to say I have a reasonably broad experience of some mainstream cars and driven all of them over 70k miles. So, why did I come out of my last car, the BMW 1 series and opt for the Renault Kadjar when I could have had another BMW 1 or even another BMW 3 series. Simple - I fancied a change and liked the look of the Kadjar. So what do I think of it so far? Very good, and I like it a lot. What do my family think of it; they like it to - except my youngest daughter who is a badge snob and cannot believe I didn't get another BMW. We have been on holiday twice in it, and the luggage for 4 fits comfortably into the boot and the sliding cover still pulls back into place; that is important for me as I like to keep good visibility from the rear view mirror. I have driven it in torrential rain, medium snow, thick ice and it performs well; certainly better than the BM's in the snow! The higher driving position gives excellent visibility compared with all the other cars mentioned. I really like the look of the car (in grey) even though some others don't; do I care about that - not in the slightest. So now to the inside of the car. You surely wouldn't expect it to be as good as some of the other cars mentioned above - and it isn't. But it really isn't bad at all. So far no squeaks or rattles, everything works as it is supposed to. The panoramic roof is excellent and keeps the car feeling airy and light - other cars I travel in now feel claustrophobic and dark. The leather heated seats are as good as I have had on other cars. The LED headlamps are great, as is the auto high/low beam feature - I love this feature but know and accept others don't. So now to the radio/R Link subject. Guess what - I like this to. Yes perhaps it is a little clunky compared to a BMW or Audi system and slightly slow to react at times but l find the actual navigation better than the BMW and better for updating traffic on route. The sound is great, again better than the BM's and the Audi and in fact all the others - this is important as I spend hours in the car. It has on a couple of occasions 'frozen' and touching the screen will not wake it up; my solution is press the 'home' button, wait 30 seconds and then it is all fine again. Do I find this a bit annoying - no not really as all the other things I have mentioned are far more important to me. I updated the maps using the excellent info posted on this forum and although a little clumsy it all worked as it should have. So there you have it; all my reasons for liking my Kadjar. I chose it to drive something a little different and will have to drive it for the next 3 years until I can choose something different again. I've realised I haven't actually mentioned one negative point and that cannot be right so here it is. I wish the windows would close after leaving the car, either automatically or by pressing a button on the keycard. That is a function which I certainly do miss, but as humans have a tendency to do I'm learning fast and mostly remember to close them before exiting. Mostly.
  12. Just a quick point. The column changing scrolling wheel will happily change from whichever station you are on, up or down without starting at preset number one if you have ‘opened’ the radio preset screen using the touchscreen. You can then go to Sat Nav screen and use the column scrolling wheel and it will behave as you think it ought to.