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  1. Just to keep it brief and simple; I have the 1.5 auto and have no issues at all with reversing uphill. Starts to pull as soon as I take my foot off the brake.
  2. X2 loud beeps on locking??

    It says ..... To indicate that the vehicle has been locked, the hazard warning lights and indicator lights flash onceand then light up for approximately four seconds, and a beep sounds in confirmation. granted it says ‘a beep’ and not two — but it does indicate that some audible signal is made. I would be concerned if it didn’t make any beeps at all.
  3. X2 loud beeps on locking??

    http://gb.e-guide.renault.com/eng/Kadjar/Know-everything-about-your-vehicle this certainly mentions the beep 🎼
  4. X2 loud beeps on locking??

    Refer to my previous post above; all working fine with beeps on locking. If you read the manual it also suggests an audible beep on locking.
  5. X2 loud beeps on locking??

    My November 67 plate Kadjar has always given two quick beeps on locking, when walking away from it with the hands free keycard. The interior sensors are most certainly activated; if occupants remain in the car the alarm sounds if they move. I also tested the alarm by tapping firmly on the side windows with a coin and this to activates the alarm.
  6. daytime lights fault

    @turboted10 - nothing in my rear light cluster is illuminated; not the LED brake section, or the normal filament round shaped section. I actually wish it was....
  7. daytime lights fault

    My November 67 Plate (UK Model) only has front DRL's illuminated when engine is running. Rear lights initiate once the DRL's are off through either auto lights mode or manually switched to side lights or main headlights. Most new cars I have seen in the UK adopt this as standard.