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  1. Has anyone else noticed how difficult it is to access the front seat belts as you sit in seat.It is not very easy and you have to turn your neck and head round to get hold of the seatbelt,which result in a painful shoulder after sometime,if you drive everyday.any suggestions how to overcome this problem.
  2. USB not syncing with Apple classic ipod

    asked a friend who has a kadjar ,if I could try my ipod In her car.worked perfect.Took car back to dealer,software problem,Ipod now works ok.dealer had told me at first visit that it might not be compatible with vehicle.Are Renault dealers really up to scratch with IT problems.
  3. When I connected my iPod to USB etc on port after receiving the car from dealer it worked ok ,but now when I select media on the screen it then shows aux1or aux2,but does not allow me to select it on screen,it should turn red and allow you access but doesn't .have had car into dealer,can't find anything wrong.Help anyone.