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  1. not rubbish at all , then you dont know what you are talking about - and absolutely dont understand the question
  2. Hi there , i have a big diskussion whit me Renault dealer - i have complained about my navigation in my R-link 2 . when i drive and just want to use the screen to navigate and only look at the screen - there is no street names on the screen at all for must of the times - and sometimes there are some street names but not many . when i use a normal tomtom navigation there are all the street names you need on the map . my Renault dealer says that my R-link is allright and this R-link 2 dos not shows the name on the street - only sometimes . but i dont get it - eighter is dos og it dosent . anyone that have the same problem ? or can anyone help ? best regards mr hoffmann
  3. can not open R-Link in my kajar

    sounds like a good idea 👍 that could work - thanks
  4. hi there , i have just bought a used kadjar - just over a year old . now Tomtom and other services says it has to be renewed . when I go into options and try to go into r-link store - then it is not possible to open it - I think that the last owner is registered in my car in his name so that has to be changed . anyone who knows how to do that ? I have tried to go to my garage in r-link on the computer to register my new car and then take a empty usb to my car , put it in the usb stick - wait for ca 2-4 minutes - go back to the computer -register the new seriel nr but still nothing happens . anyone have a good idea ? best regards Mr Hoffmann Denmark