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  1. Future Kadjar Owner Advice Needed

    Hi, I have owned my 1.6 4x4 since new and commute everyday on one of the worst motorways (M62 from Liverpool to Manchester) on this planet; constant grid lock and stop start conditions for most of my 55 mile round trip. My Kadjar has proved to be both fuel efficient (55 mpg during commute) and up to 68 mpg on good stretches of motorway driving and very comfortable seating. The extra power of the 1.6 is well worth it especially when some idiots (of which there are many) try and force there way into the smallest of gaps the 1.6 has the power to quickly catch up with the car in front! Happy driving in your chosen 1.6👍
  2. New 1.6 DCI 4X4 Owner

    Hi new 4x4 owner, I’ve had mine from new and we’ve done just over 25k together and so far I’ve enjoyed every mile. Great mpg, brilliant ride comfort, loads of space and pretty good off road too. The engine is a dream and the build quality appears pretty spot on. I love the outdoors especially hiking and mountain bike riding and this car fits perfectly with my lifestyle. If you get a fraction of the enjoyment I’m having with mine then you’re onto a winner Enjoy my friend!